Slimline Ensemble Base

Slimline Ensemble Base

King size is always splitted into 2 pieces as showing in the image gallery without extra cost.
Please choose Base Style as One piece to avoid extra cost.

$599.00 -$100.00



Select Size
Legs Type
Base Style
Fabric Brands
Warwick House Fabric
Beachcomber ASH
Beachcomber Driftwood
Beachcomber Graphite
Beachcomber Sable
Beachcomber Taupe
Beachcomber Fudge
Beachcomber Ice
Beachcomber Flame
Beachcomber Scarlet
Cargo Natural
Cargo Navy
Cargo Terracotta
Cargo Walnut
Keylargo Pumice
Keylargo Teal
Keylargo Almond
Keylargo Brown
Keylargo Ebony
Keylargo Oatmeal
Keylargo Silver
Warwick Premium Fabric
Husk Breeze
Husk Camel
Husk Cloud
Husk Coffee
Husk Donkey
Husk Driftwood
Husk Dust
Husk Ice
Husk Imperial
Husk Limestone
Husk Linen
Husk Magenta
Husk Onyx
Husk Orchid
Husk Papaya
Husk Polo
Husk Slate
Husk Steel
Husk Voyage
Husk Wheat
Zepel House Fabric
Mega Caviar
Riata Autumn
Riata Birch
Riata Chestnut
Riata Coconut
Riata Dove
Riata Ebony
Riata Ecru
Riata Flint
Riata Griffin
Riata Heather
Riata Hibiscus
Riata Horizon
Riata Indigo
Riata Kiwi
Riata Laurel
Riata Lily
Riata Marble
Riata Papyrus
Riata Spruce
Zepel Premium Fabric
Bronco II Aluminium
Bronco II Aruba
Bronco II Beige
Bronco II Bison
Bronco II Bottle
Bronco II Brick
Bronco II Burgundy
Bronco II Caramel
Bronco II Cement
Bronco II Chalk
Bronco II Cherry
Bronco II Cocoa
Bronco II Could
Bronco II Cream
Bronco II Denim
Bronco II Duckegg
Bronco II Fossil
Bronco II Mushroom
Bronco II Natural
Bronco II Navy
NSW Premium Leather
Millennium Alaska
Millennium Almond
Millennium Basil
Millennium Bliss
Millennium Brandy Tone
Millennium Burnt Sienna
Millennium Cobalt
Millennium Fern
Millennium Forest
Millennium Harvard
Millennium Indigo
Millennium Iris
Millennium Marine
Millennium Mud Cake
Millennium Nero
Millennium Pumice
Millennium Raisin
Millennium Shiraz
Millennium Stone
Millennium Taupe
Millennium Trinity
Millennium Tuscany
Millennium Verde
Millennium Vino Tone
Millennium  White
  • Color
  • Beachcomber ASH Beachcomber ASH
  • Color
  • Millennium Alaska Millennium Alaska
  • Color
  • Mega Caviar Mega Caviar
  • Color
  • Bronco II Aluminium Bronco II Aluminium
  • Color
  • Husk Breeze Husk Breeze

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Simple and Contemporary

The Slimline Ensemble Base is a simple, durable, versatile and contemporary base that will fit seamlessly into your living space. 

Simplicity at its finest

For those who prefer something simple – the Slimline is perfect. Its slimline design makes it easy to move around whilst giving you more valuable space in your bedroom.

Fully Customisable

The Slimline ensemble base is fully customisable so you can create the perfect base to suit your personal preferences - choose between Square or Conical Tapered Legs and different colours and sizes.  


External DimensionWidth (W) Length (L)
Single93 cmx189 cm
King Single108 cmx204 cm
Double138 cmx189 cm
Queen154 cmx204 cm
King185 cmx204 cm

Will Your Bed Frame Fit in Your Door?

It is important that the bed you purchase can fit in your home. Can it get upstairs, fit around corners and get through the doors to your bedroom? You need to ensure the bed you choose will fit in your bedroom from the street. If there is no way the bed you want will fit, we offer a ‘knock down’ version for a small cost, so it can be easily assembled in your bedroom.

This makes sure that no matter how tight the space, your bed fits perfectly. This ‘knock down’ or ‘split’ option service is $180 extra and is the same high quality bed frame without the hassle of getting it inside. 

 Slimline Ensemble Base Dimensions

Split Option for Double, Queen 

External DimensionWidth (W) Length (L)
Double138 cmx94.5 cm
Queen154 cmx102 cm
King185 cmx102 cm

Made to Order Ensemble Base - 2 Pieces

Enjoy the Benefits of a Slimline Ensemble Base 

  • Customisable options
  • Cleaner, more elegant bedroom
  • Easy, hassle-free moving
  • Highly versatile style

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Slimline Ensemble Base

Slimline Ensemble Base

King size is always splitted into 2 pieces as showing in the image gallery without extra cost.
Please choose Base Style as One piece to avoid extra cost.

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