Magniflex Duoform XM 23cm Cooling Memory Foam

Magniflex Duoform XM 23cm Cooling Memory Foam

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A focus on sleep, the environment, innovation and a genuine passion for improving the quality of life for its customers positions Magniflex as a company of prestige and trust. The Magniflex Duoform XM 23cm Cooling Memory Foam brings together the latest in product innovation to deliver great comfort and support.

Not sold anywhere else in Australia

Balanced Support and Comfort for a Healthier Sleep

Unique 3-zone comfort balance design cradles your hips and shoulders in perfect alignment.

Extreme pressure sensitivity moulds around your body and quickly recovers its shape, relieving built up pressure and soothing aching backs.

Fully Adaptable to Fit your Specific Needs

Enjoy adaptable comfort with a 2 sided firmness feature. You can choose between the Memoform soft side for a softer more cushioned mattress and the Eliosoft side for a firmer feel. No matter what you want, you can find a tailored solution to fit your needs.

Temperature Regulation for Comfort right through the Night

Featuring innovative Outlast, a heat-regulating fabric especially designed for astronauts’ space suits which contains millions of spheres made from a special wax that melts at a temperature of 36 degrees. When the night time temperature of the body rises, the excess heat is absorbed but when the temperature drops below the melting point, the spheres regain their shape and firmness and release the accumulated heat giving you a very comfortable night’s sleep.

Anti-Bacterial and a 10 Year Guarantee

With a removable and washable covering as well as a safe and eco-friendly construction, you can rest easy knowing your health is secured in this quality mattress. A comprehensive 10 year guarantee is further peace of mind.

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  • Made in Italy
  • Level Comfort Medium Feel
  • Luxury Range
  • Anti Bacterial Qualities
  • Dust Mite Resistant
  • Minimise Partner Disturbance
  • Orthopedic
  • Composition Memory Foam
  • Zones 5
  • Eco Friendly
  • Warranty 10 Years
  • Good Back Support
  • Customisation Available
  • Edge to Edge Support
  • Available in All Sizes
  • Suitable for Slats and Platform Beds
  • Cover Outlast® and Removable/washable
  • Benefits Thermo regulating / Embracing
  • Extra MEDICAL DEVICE cert.
  • Mattress Thickness 23cm

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Magniflex Duoform XM 23cm Cooling Memory Foam

Magniflex Duoform XM 23cm Cooling Memory Foam

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