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The Best Firm Mattress in Sydney

For decades, sleepers have been drawn to selecting a firm mattress for their bed – and with good reason! With a myriad of apparent health benefits plus its excellent firm lateral support, firm mattresses are the go to for millions of Australians.

To understand this phenomenon better, ‘sleep‘ specialists and orthopaedic professionals have compared and studied the difference between firm or soft mattress and they all agree that a firm mattresses is the best kind of mattress for better sleep! Here’s why:


A firm mattress helps you sleep better

Firm mattresses are a very popular choice when buying a mattress as it lets you sleep better. A firm mattress gives you a generally ‘harder’ sleep surface and minimal cushioning. This is a good thing as it gives you better lateral support, while promoting a more natural spine-position when sleeping. A firmer sleep surface encourages better sleep posture and reduces back pain. Firm mattresses let your bones bear most of the pressure and relaxes your muscles and arteries, which in turn promotes better blood circulation. You get better sleep quality when you experience better blood flow/circulation when sleeping.


A firm mattress is best for heavy-set sleepers and back sleepers

Soft or plush mattresses generally let you sink into the bed, especially for heavy-set sleepers. Firm mattress offers better back support for heavy-set sleepers as it has enough firmness to prevent the sleeper’s back from sagging and sinking into the mattress. What’s more, a firm mattress helps open airways while sleeping, thus letting heavy sleepers breathe better while reducing snoring.

If you’re a back sleeper, then a firm mattress is the right mattress for you. Back sleepers value spinal alignment and support. That is why a firm mattress will be able to provide great sleeping comfort for those who sleep in their backs.


Best Firm Mattress Range in Sydney

BEDWORKS carries a wide variety of firm mattresses. Whether you need a traditional bonnell spring firm mattress, a deluxe pocket spring firm mattress, or even a pillow top firm mattress, we’ve got you covered. Choose from some of the best firm mattress brands in Australia from Comfort Sleep, Domino, King Koil, Sleepeezee and the like. Want a firm mattress but need a bit of cushioning? No problem! We have firm mattresses with a gel infused memory foam to which lets you experience that pressure relieving comfort of a memory foam while enjoying the health benefits of a firm mattress. Considering to upgrade to a premium firm mattress but needing a hypoallergenic mattress? Not to worry! We carry a range of premium firm mattresses certified by the National Asthma Council of Australia so you sleep in a mattress that’s made from clean quality foams that’s treated to eliminate dust mites, mould and other harmful allergens. Thinking of buy a new firm mattress but don’t want to break the bank? You’ve come to the right place! We sell the best cheap firm mattress in Sydney! We carry a huge selection of top quality firm mattresses that’s pocket friendly.

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