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Firm Mattress

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The Best Firm Mattress in Sydney For decades, sleepers have been drawn to selecting a firm mattress for their bed – and with good reason! With a myriad of apparent health benefits plus its excellent firm lateral support, firm mattresses are the go to for millions of Australians. To understand this phenomenon better, ‘sleep‘ specialists and orthopaedic professionals have compared and studied the difference between firm or soft mattress and they all agree that a firm mattresses is the best kind of mattress for better sleep! Here’s why:   A firm mattress helps you sleep better Firm mattresses are a very popular choice when buying a mattress as it lets you sleep better. A firm mattress gives you a generally ‘harder’ sleep surface and minimal cushioning. This is a good thing as it gives you better lateral support, while promoting a more natural spine-position when sleeping. A firmer sleep surface encourages better sleep posture and reduces back pain. Firm mattresses...