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Softly, Softly For An Easy Night's Sleep

There's a common misconception about a softer sleep being bad for your posture, however soft-style or 'plush' mattresses offer sleepers support that is similar to a firm mattress, but is more comfortable and conforming to your body shape. They are ideal for shiftworkers and overnight stays where deep sleep is sought, but sometimes hard to find in a bed away from home. Plush mattresses feature a built-in soft top which offers more comfort than a typical mattress and helps protect the life of the mattress with its extra padding. It allows for good air flow around the body at night and is a hygienic way to extend the life of your mattress. Plush mattresses also provide more elasticity and spring with a lighter surface while maintaining quality support, which can be important for couples who have different sleeping styles.

At BEDWORKS we have plush mattresses available in open spring, pocket spring, memory foam and latex, and from top suppliers such as DOMINO, SLEEPEEZEE AND AH BEARD. Keep in mind that best results from a soft mattress are for sleepers who rest in all positions or on their side. 

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