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WINIX ZERO+ PRO 5-stage air purifier by Ausclimate

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Tired of cold, damp & musty apartment-living? Mould? Condensation? Or washing that takes forever to dry?

Now your place might not be quite THIS bad, but experts agree, any excess moisture in compact living environments can be bad news. Dry out your home & prevent these issues with an Ausclimate Dehumidifier. (It’ll even dry the washing!)

Ausclimate fills a void in the Australian market by providing first class, reliable dehumidifiers & air-purifiers at the most realistic and competitive price.

Ausclimate's range of NWT Dehumidifiers & WINIX Air-Purifiers is the ideal solution to home moisture control & air-quality issues. Easy to use, low-cost and highly efficient, our quality assured range is available now.

Order your Dehumidifier or Air-Purifier ONLINE or over the PHONE today. Visit us at our website for more info on our complete range!