Wall Beds

As living areas get smaller and smaller, space saving becomes a top priority. With this in mind, BEDWORKS brings you a range of smart, finely crafted wall beds (murphy beds) that expand your living spaces.

Our range of wall beds help maximise your space by providing a discrete and compact hiding spot for your beds when not in use. These stylishly designed wall beds seamlessly integrate to your home offices, studio apartments, and spare rooms or to any small area. With our wall bed system, the entire bed, including pillows and beddings, fold away easily and completely – thus giving you a multi- functional, clutter-free room.

Bringing quality and function together, our wall beds presents a smart solution to small living spaces. Our wall beds are housed in fine cabinetry made from medium-density fibreboard. Bringing down the wall bed and folding it up is a breeze thanks to its unique and sturdy mechanism that is counter- balanced and spring-loaded. For added durability and ease of use, a strong yet lightweight aluminium bed frame is used. Our wall beds can support weight of up to 600kg.

Our wall beds are completely customisable to suit your needs. Talk to us today to help you create a bespoke, one-of- a-kind wall bed that answers your every need. Simple. Functional. Stylish. Expand your room’s space and function with BEDWORKS line of wall beds!