Jones Custom Deluxe Bedroom Collection

Fabulous Fabric Frame for Modern Decor Now this is an upholstered timber bed designed to fit your personality ... are you the sweet and charming type who likes dainty pastel designs? Perhaps you’re a rocker who prefers clashing colours and bold patterns, or a thinker who dreams and plots in bed to sworls and storms of leather and suede.  Whatever your style, the  Jones Custom Upholstered Bed With Timber Frame  is just the right mix of savvy and snazzy to make your statement piece in the bedroom. A simple, high-quality timber frame backed by both a head board and foot end in fabric makes it easy to personalise this bed to your taste. With a massive range of fabric and leather options available, the Jones puts highest quality timber and fabric options in focus. Choose from Tasmanian Oak or pine timber in over 20 stain colours, and match it with fabric from Warwick, Zepel, or NSW Leather. The Jones bed frame sits 18cms above the ground and comes with a 2-year warranty on...