List of products by supplier: AH Beard

  • Craftsmanship and innovation

    Only the very best bed we make is worthy of the AH Beard marque benefiting from the timeless detail and attention found in handcrafting techniques and the innovation leveraged from the latest technologies – offering a luxury bed like no other.

  • Hand tufting

    As you will see in your A.H. Beard bed, we have proudly maintained the lost arts of button tufting and hand stitching. This handcrafting technique binds together layers of quality materials to provide long-lasting comfort and unparalleled support. It’s yet another example of the custom care that goes into producing our most superior bed.

  • Micro pocket springs

    Look inside an A.H. Beard bed and you’ll find the benefits of multi-tiered microcoil technology – a system that enables each spring to move independently and allows more springs to be built into every bed.

  • Quality and style

    The A.H. Beard mattress is constructed from a network of strategically integrated products and materials including natural comfort fibres and independently moving spring systems that come together to form a bed of exceptional comfort. The result is a beautiful bed adorned in luxurious damask fabrics that exudes quality and style.

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