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Comfort Sleep Emporio Black X Illusion Firm Mattress

Comfort Sleep Emporio Black X Illusion Firm Mattress

RRP $2,399 -$500



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 Matrix 9 Iceland Grey - 160
 Matrix 9 Iceland Charcoal - 098
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  •  Matrix 9 Iceland Grey - 160  Matrix 9 Iceland Grey - 160
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Next day delivery | 100 days rick free trial | 10 years warranty

State-of-the-art technology, luxurious design

The Comfort Sleep Emporio Black X Illusion mattress combines enhanced comfort technology with premium natural materials to offer ultimate comfort and support. With its signature dark tones and minimalist styling, this range is a must-have addition to any contemporary bedroom. Designed with style and innovation in mind, this collection will set yourself up for a well-rested night. 

The Emporio Black X Illusion range offers a full firm 30,000 resolution mattress. The top layer of this mattress is an Italian Graphite Memory Foam, which is a hybrid foam that has embedded pressure relief and memory foam contouring to support the body. This graphite material is a natural cooling mineral, that has the rebound speed of latex and is much lighter than a pocket spring mattress of equal size. All the foams use an open cell formula, which has superior heat dissipation capabilities that prevents the growth of bacteria and fungus- for a healthy & hygienic sleep.

All foams utilised for this mattress are both GECA and Oeko-Tex certified, which have no dangerous organic compounds, no off-gassing and does not involve any environmentally unsustainable production processes. Most of the foams and fabrics are Australian made, although the Graphite foam is imported from Italy and compliant with all EU quality standards.

The Emporia Black X Illusion mattress is scientifically designed to optimize the amount of pressure relief from the mattress. Testing is performed using a medical grade pressure senson to stimulate human pressure and ensure that partner disturbance is virtually eliminated. A durability test was run to stimulate a medium firm mattress to last its entire life cycle, and there were clear high-quality performance results. Using the latest rollator and sensor testing technology, there was high resistance on the mattress, from sagging through all the foam layers.

With a range of high-quality comfort foams, memory foams and the premium Italian Graphite foam, the Emporio Black X Illusion is guaranteed to suit a range of body types.

The Emporia Black X Illusion foam mattresses are available in three mattress strengths - Plush, Medium and Firm. Plush offers a soft cushioning that maximises sleeping comfort by providing high body support and is ideal for side sleepers. The Medium firm mattresses are highly flexible, resilient and well-suited to a range of sleepers. The Firm mattresses are a ‘harder’ sleeping area with limited cushioning, designed for those who need stronger back and body support. 

Give us a call to discuss which option is the right one for you!


Comfort Sleep Emporio Black X Illusion DataSheet

High Resilient Comfort Foam

High Resilient Comfort Foam

A premium high density open-cell comfort foam for increased longevity and resilience. Maximizing mattress breathability, body contouring, support and overall comfort.

Italian Graphite Memory Foam

Italian Graphite Memory Foam

A natural material with outstanding heat-transfer and hygiene properties. Promotes a healthier, cleaner and anti-microbial mattress

High Resilient Foam Foundation

High Resilient Foam Foundation

High resilient and body contouring foam foundation. Improving the movement of the body through out the night whilst minimizing partner disturbance.

10 years Guarantee

10 years Guarantee

Every Comfort Sleep mattress is produced in Australia and is backed by our 10 year guarantee offering you peace of mind.

Why Choose Comfort Sleep?

Good Environmental Choice Mattress Australia

Environmental Choice Australia Approved

Comfort Sleep uses a type of foam that is certified with the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label. This tells you that your Comfort Sleep mattress uses materials that comply with the strictest environmental standards, making Comfort Sleep products safer for you and better for the environment. 

Australian made Luxury Mattress

100% Australian Made Mattress

Comfort Sleep is an award-winning Australian mattress manufacturer that engineers highly innovative mattresses that are of superior quality and style. Offering luxury, designer, premium and classic mattresses, Comfort Sleep provides a range of styles that are tailored to suit your needs and preferences. Prioritising the design process, all their mattresses are from locally sourced materials, and have a focus on sustainability and social responsibility. With over 40 years’ experience in making mattresses, Comfort Sleep is a brand you can rely on when designing your sleeping space.   

adjustable base compatible mattress

Adjust For Individual Needs

This Mattress is specifically designed to be used with adjustable bases, giving you a level of individual flexibility to adjust your height and position each night for the most comfortable rest.

10 Years guarantee

Buy it with confidence - Enjoy the benefits of
10-year manufacturer guarantee.

Comfort Sleep Emporio Black X Illusion Mattress - Durability Test

Comfort Sleep Emporio Black X Illusion Mattress - Durability Test

Comfort Sleep Emporio Black X Illusion Mattress - Durability Test

Comfort Sleep Emporio Black X Illusion Mattress - Durability Test

It’s exciting to decide on investing in a brand-new mattress. Whether you’re upgrading your old mattress or filling a spare bedroom to house guests, it’s important to know how to keep your mattress in tip-top condition so you can enjoy its comfort for years to come.
A common tip to keeping your mattress in pristine condition is to purchase a mattress protector. While it may seem like an unnecessary spend, a good quality (and removable) mattress protector can help prevent any mattress stains and can be easily washed.
Another great way to care for your mattress is to ensure your mattress is placed on a base that allows it to breathe so that you know there is circulation happening to keep your mattress as fresh as possible.
Rotating your bed every so often can also help with uneven wear. Flipping and rotating your mattress can ensure the springs are being evenly used on top, bottom and either side, and can assist with prolonging the lifespan of your mattress.
You can also vacuum your mattress or further clean it to ensure any dust and extra debris is being removed from sinking deep into your mattress. Doing so will ensure your sleep environment is clean and free from any allergens.
Caring for your mattress is easy when you follow these tips! Taking the time to look after your new mattress can ensure it lasts as long as possible.