SZ 500i Electric Adjustable Deconstructed Base

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SZ 500i Electric Adjustable Deconstructed Base

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The  500i Electric Adjustable  Deconstructed Base Perfect for Small space. 

The 500i Deconstructed Electric Adjustable base offers what no other base would offer in terms of moving houses. The 500i is suitable for houses with tight doorways and stairs, artic bedrooms, easier to maneuver into a small lift or into the angled corridor. The 500i Will be delivered into a small room with minimum effort. It can be pulled apart as many times as it is necessary making your house moving stressless.     

With the 500i  minimalist design, grey fabric colour, and black legs this adjustable bed goes well with any bedroom interior.  Available in Long Single, King Single Double, Queen, and King Sizes.

Felix Mattress Specifications

500i Adjustable Descontracted Adjustable Base Base key future

  • Wireless remote
  • USB Port
  • Massage timer options
  • Sleep Enhancement Technology™
  • Preprogrammed Positions: Zero Gravity, Flat and TV/PC
  • Massage function with 6 intensity level
  • Head / Foot massage optional turn on and off option.

Reverie Adjustable Base Foundation lets you customise the head and foot elevation of your bed to suit your needs

 SZ 500i Functions


Best  Value Mattress to go with your best choice 500i  Adjustable base. 

Wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every morning thanks to the Comfort Sleep Emporio Posture Indulgence Super Firm, Firm, Medium or Soft   Mattress. Offering everyday comfort and style at a reasonable price, this mattress will help you and your partner to deeper, sounder sleep all night long.

Combining two layers of HD comfort foam with different levels of firmness, and the quality Contour Tech™ 5 Zone Pocket Spring System, it provides the perfect balance of comfort and support. The Emporio Posture Indulgence offers body contouring and even weight distribution for ultimate support and minimal partner disturbance. A layer infused with liquid gel helps to relieve the typical pressure points around the hips, shoulders, and knees.

We have your back.

High-quality knit fabric in neutral tones gives the top of the soft foam mattress a luxurious finish, whilst helping you to keep cool in summer and stay snug during the winter months. With a 10-year guarantee, Emporio Posture Indulgence offers you all the support you need for a more restful night’s sleep.

Offering soft support: Supporting your body in all the right places, this soft foam mattress is a great choice if you prefer sleeping on your side. Its support layers are refined for ultimate comfort. We’re confident that you’ll absolutely love it!

Made by proud Aussie mattress makers

The 100% Australian-made Emporio Posture Indulgence foam mattresses are available in four mattress strengths - soft, medium, firm and extra firm - to suit your needs and preferences. We offer immediate, free delivery to Sydney CBD and metro areas. Give us a call to discuss which option is the right one for you!

Comfort Sleep Posute Indulgence DataSheet

Gel Form X

Gel Form X

Australian made cool get layer infused with liquid gel. Ensures the regulation of your body temperature. Assisting to alleviate pressure points.

Progresssive HD Comfort

Progressive HD Comfort

Combining two or more layers of HD premium comfort foam with different firmness in the comfort layer.

Contour TechTM 5 Zone Pocket Coil System

Contour TechTM 5 Zone Pocket Coil System

Featuring targeted zoning for advanced body contouring and minimal partner disturbance.

Comfort Sleep mattress is treated with CompriShield


Comfort Sleep uses mattresses that are treated with CompriShield - a sustainable, bio-based microbial control solution derived from coconut oil. This treatment provides continuous microbial control in the foam. This solution is toxin-free and is completely safe for the entire family and the environment.

Good Environmental Choice Mattress Australia

Environmental Choice Australia Approved

Comfort Sleep uses a type of foam that is certified with the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label. This tells you that your Comfort Sleep mattress uses materials that comply with the strictest environmental standards, making Comfort Sleep products safer for you and better for the environment. 

Joyce Form Mattress - Comfort Sleep

Only the best locally-sourced foams

The foams in Comfort Sleep Mattresses are sourced locally from Joyce Foam Products – an Australian company certified by Good Environmental Choice of Australia. This means that your Comfort Sleep uses high-quality foam that’s safe and green.

Australian made Luxury Mattress

100% Australian Made Mattress

This mattress is 100% Australian Made. This gives you a finely crafted mattress that is made using the best Australian-sourced materials and highest industry standards.  

adjustable base compatible mattress

Adjust For Individual Needs

This Mattress is specifically designed to be used with adjustable bases, giving you a level of individual flexibility to adjust your height and position each night for the most comfortable rest.

10 Years guarantee

Buy it with confidence - Enjoy the benefits of
10-year manufacturer guarantee.



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Dust Mite Resistant
Minimise Partner Disturbance
Pocket Springs (Minimise Partner Disturbance)
10 Years
Good Back Support
Edge to Edge Support
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Adjustable Bed

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