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Ezi-Maid Electric Lift Bed

Ezi-Maid Electric Lift Bed

Suitable for all sizes of beds.

Suitable for all sizes of beds.


Felix Memory Foam Mattress
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Electric Bed Lifting System

For Queen and heavier beds up to 140kg. Best suits ensemble beds. 800mm clearance at base of bed and minimum 90mm legs required.

Cleaner Bedrooms - for Hotels and in your Home

Hotel guests will benefit from a much cleaner room with more frequent vacuuming of under bed areas now easily accessible with the raised bed. Prevent the breeding ground for mites, mildew, and bacteria with more frequent vacuuming and cleaning under beds. According to ISSA, one square yard of commercial carpeting captures one pound of dirt per week.

Reduces Hotel housekeeping expenses

  • Drastically reduced medical fees and sick leave for back and shoulder injuries – several hotels have experienced 50% reduction in sick leave
  • Saving stand-in costs arising from sick leave. 

Improves efficiency

  • Assured productivity increase – proven 1+ to 1½ minutes lesser per bed – this means not having to increase headcount and overtime with increased occupancy
  • Cleaning inaccessible corners under bed – proven additional savings of 2+ to 4 minutes per bed
  • Recovering fallen items is made easier
  • Sheets can now be tightly tucked in.

Enhances Hotel Image

  • Less tired staff are more approachable, cheerful and alert
  • Recruiting and retention of experienced room attendants
  • Lesser bed wear and tear associated with making bed and damage by vacuum cleaner
  • Healthier work environment
  • Helps with security inspections.

Installation Guidelines

  • Beds and beddings weighing no more than 140kg. Normal king beds and beddings average 140kg.
  • Under bed space – at least 95mm height; ideally 100mm. Ezi-Maid could be mounted closer to the bed front or back avoiding the 4-legs 8, 10 or 12-legs if any.
  • Beds are not bolted to the head wall, or have upright posters that may hit the ceiling when raised to 50cm.
Frame: Robust steel frame
Bed Sizes: One size fits all beds
Weight: 26 Kilograms
Height: 90mm in down position
Motor: Self lubricating sealed electric motor 
24 volts 
Transformer: 240/115 volts
0.7 amps
Safety: Upper and lower limit switches 
Obstruction release 
Safety nut
Overload: Thermal overload with auto reset
Remote Control: Infrared with Hand Control