Bono Custom Upholstered Bed Frame

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Bono Custom Upholstered Bed Frame




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Custom made Upholstery Product

Bank on Bono's Ultra-Slim Design

For those who appreciate good design and feature elements in a bedroom, the Bono Custom Upholstered Bed Frame is unique in many ways - its ultra-slim and low design and trapezoid-shaped headboard make it a standout feature in your bedroom. Sitting on slim 15 cm black conical timber legs and soft to the touch, this frame offers the best in comfort and style for any modern room. It's available in a large range of premium upholstery fabrics from Australian suppliers. 

Base options:

  • Floating Slated base has hidden recessed legs which give the optical illusion that it is floating. The strong and extra-wide 26cm side rail will allow the mattress to rest inside 5cm.  
  • Deluxe Slated is Similar to the Floating base however the legs are not recessed. Two legs will be visible at the foot end of the base. The strong and extra-wide 26cm side rail will allow the mattress to rest inside 5cm.  
  • Standard Slated doses have a 19 cm high side rails which allow the mattress to rest inside the base.
  • Slimline is the best option for a small space as the Mattresses will align flush on the side of the base. It also has a 20 cm leg that provides a slim look.  King and Super King size only available split in 2 pieces either horizontal or vertical.
  • Omni Ensemble base is 26cm thick with 9cm hidden legs or 7cm castors. King and Super King size only available split in 2 pieces either horizontal or vertical.


Floating, Deluxe and Standard Bed Frames are made with solid pine slates measuring 9cm x 3.5cm thickness with a gap between them of 7-8cm.

The Slimline and Omni ensemble bases have solid pine slates 8 x 2 cm and the gap between the slats is 7-8cm. On these models, the slates are covered in a dust-free fabric.

Enjoy these Benefits

  • Contemporary design appeal
  • Durability, practical frame
  • 5-yr manufacturer warranty
  • Australian-made craftsmanship
5 Years guarantee

Buy Bedworks quality custom-made product, backed by our worry-free 5 years guarantee.



Custom Made Bed Frames Dimensions

Caring for upholstery can require a little extra work, however, when done it can give you years of benefit and enjoyment. The easiest way to take care of fabric upholstery is to vacuum it. Typically, vacuums will have an attachment (or you can purchase them separately) which are designed to remove any dust or debris that sinks into the material. For leather, simply wipe down with warm, soapy water to ensure the surfaces are kept clean.  
If there is a spill on your upholstery furniture, it’s important to act immediately and clean it up as soon as it occurs. This will help prevent the liquid or spill from seeping into the furniture and potentially causing extra damage. Cleaning immediately ensures any wet stain can be lifted and removed easier than if it has had time to settle and dry.  
To prevent any unwanted damage or stains, ensure to protect your upholstery with a protectant spray. These are usually sold when you purchase your furniture however they can be easily bought and used on various pieces.
If you’re unsure on how to clean your upholstery, you can always call a professional to help! They have the specialised skills needed to work with different materials and can ensure your furniture is returned to its former glory.