Aquarius Custom Upholstered Bed Frame

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Aquarius Custom Upholstered Bed Frame


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Fabric Brands
Warwick Standard Fabric
Beachcomber Graphite
Beachcomber Taupe
Beachcomber Aqua
Beachcomber Fudge
Beachcomber Flame
Beachcomber Kiwi
Beachcomber Marine
Beachcomber Papaya
Beachcomber Scarlet
Beachcomber Amethyst
Keylargo Almond
Keylargo Anthracite
Keylargo Ash
Keylargo Aubergine
Keylargo Brown
Keylargo Ebony
Keylargo Mocha
Keylargo Oatmeal
Keylargo Pebble
Keylargo Storm
Warwick Premium Fabric
Husk Amalfi
Husk Ash
Husk Atoll
Husk Cement
Husk Cloud
Husk Coffee
Husk Donkey
Husk Driftwood
Husk Dust
Husk Ice
Husk Imperial
Husk Limestone
Husk Linen
Husk Magenta
Husk Marble
Husk Ocean
Husk Onyx
Husk Orchid
Husk Polo
Husk Sand
Zepel House Fabric
Riata Autumn
Riata Birch
Riata Chestnut
Riata Coconut
Riata Dove
Riata Ebony
Riata Ecru
Riata Flint
Riata Hibiscus
Riata Horizon
Riata Indigo
Riata Kiwi
Riata Laurel
Riata Lily
Riata Malachite
Riata Papyrus
Riata Rattan
Riata Shell
Riata Slate
Riata Taupe
Zepel Premium Fabric
Bronco II Aluminium
Bronco II Beige
Bronco II Onyx
Bronco II Otter
Bronco II Pansy
Bronco II Paprika
Bronco II Pear
Bronco II Raffia
Bronco II Raspberry
Bronco II Sand
Bronco II Shark
Bronco II Shell
Bronco II Spa
Bronco II Strawberry
Bronco II Stucco
Bronco II Surf
Bronco II Teal
Bronco II Truffle
Bronco II Ultramarine
Bronco II Zinc
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  • Beachcomber Graphite Beachcomber Graphite
  • Color
  • Riata Autumn Riata Autumn
  • Color
  • Bronco II Aluminium Bronco II Aluminium
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  • Husk Amalfi Husk Amalfi

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Superior Comfort and Quality

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Supreme Luxury

Experience supreme luxury with the elegant Aquarius Upholstered Bed Frame, featuring a classic pin-cushioned headboard and upholstered frame, it boasts a unique design that brings a touch of class to your home.  The headboard’s round-top design is a statement of style and sophistication that will echo for years to come.

Made from the Highest Quality Materials

Built to last, the Aquarius bed frame boasts a robust structure beneath its beautiful facade. Its strong plywood slats and firm centre support beam make it extremely durable. The Aquarius represents an investment in timeless class and enduring quality.


External DimensionWidth (W) Length (L)
Single114 cmx238 cm
King Single129 cmx253 cm
Double159 cmx238 cm
Queen175 cmx253 cm
King205 cmx253 cm

Aquarius Upholstered Bed Frame - Custom Made Bed

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  • Sophistication
  • Elegance
  • Lasting Quality
  • Affordable price


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Aquarius Custom Upholstered Bed Frame

Aquarius Custom Upholstered Bed Frame

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