Magniflex Memory Foam Pillow

Magniflex Memory Foam Pillows

Magniflex Memory Foam Pillow

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Founded in Italy In the 1960’s Magniflex has become a byword for comfort and wellbeing, developing products born from a passion for research and innovation. Magniflex Memory Foam Pillows are pure comfort - everything you would expect from first class Italian luxury.

Standard Memoform (Memory Foam) for Superior Comfort

Boasting an anatomical and breathable structure that circulates air with every movement, Memoform prevents moisture build-up and mould. This Air-form design keeps you cool, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Wave Memoform (Memory Foam) for Great Support

The ‘Wave’ offers outstanding support; it supports the neck, stretches the tendons and follows the cervical vertebra with absolute safety and precision. Its innovative Air-form system guards against humidity, helping you stay dry and comfortable.

Comfort Memoform (Memory Foam) for even more Comfort/h2>

Designed by orthopaedic doctors specialising in comfort and wellness, The ‘Comfort’ wraps your head in the high quality Memoform Magnifoam providing fantastic neck support and comfort.

Ortho-Massage Memoform (Memory Foam)

Designed to massage your face and cervical area upon contact, Magniflex Memory Foam Pillows deliver revitalising rest. Air circulates through the spaces between the centre protrusions, keeping you refreshed.

Eco – Friendly and Anti – Bacterial

Your pillow can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria; Magniflex Memory Foam Pillows are made from the highest quality materials to ensure the safety and well – being for you and your family.


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