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Latest Breast Cancer Statistics in Australia - Bedworks
The fight against breast cancer is tough. Every day, women are suffering from this cancer and we, as a nation, should do our part in putting a stop to breast cancer. That is why we need your help.
On behalf of Bedworks, we would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported our advocacy for breast cancer awareness.   We have raised $2,350 from 235 custom made bed frame orders.  Every dollar counts.  Our donations  bring us one step closer into ending the fight against breast cancer.

Support a Sister. Save a Sister. Let's fight Breast Cancer.

Last October 2018. BEDWORKS partnered with VPXL.net and the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise awareness against breast cancer. BEDWORKS is one with NBCF and the world in helping to fight the leading cause of women's death - Breast Cancer.

Despite the strides in medical technology, cancer is still the leading cause of death in women. It is estimated that in 2018, 50 people will be diagnosed with breast cancer everyday.  Latest statistics show that 8 people die from breast cancer every day.  This should not be the case. We need your help to fight this disease that's claiming the lives of our mothers, sisters, aunts, wives and friends. That is why this October, BEDWORKS is donating $10 for every custom made timber bed and custom made upholstered bed sold. Shop and get to help a sister out.

We have collected $2,350 donations from over 235 custom made bed frame orders. It may not seem alot but every dollar counts and that is why WE thank YOU for your help. Each donation will go towards the fight to eradicate breast cancer. 80% of the donations received by the NBCF goes directly back to their programs, which includes medical outreaches and researches. To date, over 1,700,000 breast health resources have been distributed to women in need. Let us continue helping NBCF with the fight.