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Top tips to sleep

Need some tips for a better slumber? Bedworks has got you covered!

Introducing our top tips to ensure that you get a full night's sleep.

Top tips to sleep2

Buy Right Bed

Everyone's sleep needs differ and people rest in particular postures. Make sure your mattress contours to your specific shape and is comfortable enough to support your years of peaceful sleep.

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Set Up Environment

We all need a certain amount of rest each day and that can be interrupted by light, noise disturbance and general ill-health. Limit the use of electronic screens, night lights and alarm clocks with displays in your bedroom so your sleep routine is not interrupted.

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Stay Cosy Warm!

The right temperature in your room is dependent on the environment, bedding and clothing - did you know that wearing socks to bed increases your chance of sleeping undisturbed?

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Keep To Routine

Establishing good adult sleeping patterns depends on adhering to your bedtime routine and sticking with it, either by reading, listening to music, having a bath prior or meditating before sleep.

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Bedding Options Rule!

Lastly, don't underestimate the effect on your sleep patterns and overnight rejuvenation that sleek and comfortable bedding has. Using plenty of pillows, cushions, temperature supports like throws and over-blankets alongside your normal bed linen.

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