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Magnistretch Memory Foam Medium 23cm Mattress

Magnistretch Memory Foam Medium 23cm Mattress

RRP $3,799 -$300



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A First-Class Mattress

Sold exclusively in Bedworks the Magniflex range brings together the finest quality Italian design and luxury. Founded in Italy In the 1960’s Magniflex has become a byword for comfort and wellbeing, developing products born from a passion for research and innovation. The Magnistretch Memory Foam Medium Mattress continues this fine legacy by delivering you a mattress that is big on comfort and support.

The Ultimate in Comfort and Support

Boasting padding in Memoform 2cm and super soft fibre, the Magnistretch Memory Foam Medium Mattress is an extremely comfortable mattress choice. Featuring layers of Eliosoft with 5cm patented stretch core shaping, Eliosoft with 8.5cm stretch core shaping and Elioform 8.5cm, the medium soft Magnistretch is a great all-round mattress. 

Innovative Pressure Distribution

The Magnistretch mattress allows for pressure re-distribution along both sides of the surface area through the response to the weight that is put on the mattress itself. This helps relieve back pain caused by muscular strain. Single layers within the mattress have been innovatively positioned to ensure better weight distribution and pressure reduction. Combined with a focus on ventilation and breathability, the Magnistretch looks after you long into the night.

Enjoy these benefits

  • Great comfort and support
  • From a leading brand
  • Italian design and Style
  • Layers upon layers of innovative design