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Sleepeezee Splendour Coventry Medium Firm Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress

Sleepeezee Splendour Coventry Medium Firm Luxury Pocket Spring Mattress

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Sleepeezee - endorsed by ECOSA

Splendid sleep with the Sleepeezee Splendour Coventry Medium Firm Luxury Mattress


Splendid Comfort

Sleep in true, splendid comfort with the Speepeezee Splendour Coventry Medium Firm Luxury Mattress. Combining premium comfort layers that includes a generous  amount of premium polyester fibre and hypersoft convoluted peel foam, among others, you get a splendidly refershing sleep the entire year. 

Luxury Quilting Fabric

A European Contemporary Stretch Knit Fabric for its quilted top provides a stylish look and a luxurious feel to this deluxe mattress. Apart from style and comfort, the knit fabric optimises air circulation, thus making the mattress "breathe" and well ventilated for a better sleeping experience. 

Cool, Comfort Layers

This premium mattress is made with layers of gel-infused visco elastic peel foam which aides in giving you a cool sleeping experience. The gel infusion ensure that the heat is dissipiated. Comnbining this with a breathable knit fabric allows you to remain cool and comfortable, even in the hottest of nights. 


Premium Mattress Support System

This deluxe mattress features an innovative support system that provides you with optimum lateral support every night.

5 Zone Pocket Spring System

A system of 1600 Coil Density 5-Zone Pocket Springs is used to provide targetted support to five key areas of the body - the neck, sholders, backs, pelvis and legs. This targetted support ensures that you get the right amount of support for each part of your body. With a high coil density number, you get pocket springs with industrial grade thickness that assures you of excellent support that lasts.

High Density Foam Box Construction

A thick high-density foam border provides the mattress excellent edge-to-edge support.  This type of foam box construction maintains the mattress shape and provides you with a larger sleep surface as you get consistent support, even to the edges of the mattress.


Minimal Partner Disturbance

Get to enjoy minimal partner distrurbance thanks to the combination of pocket springs, microcoils, a foam box construction and a luxurious quilted layer. These features work synergistically to avoid motion transfer so you and your partner get uninterrupted sleep, even if one of you tosses, turns or gets out of bed at night.


Endorsed by the Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia (COCA)

COCA is a professional organisation that advocates quality, safe and ethical chiropractic and osteopathic practice. COCA stands for improved community health through its strong focus on research. When a product carries the COCA endorsement you can rest assured it is a product of the highest quality that you can trust and depend on.


Enjoy These Benefits

  • Multiple Luxury Comfort Layers
  • Premium stretch knit fabric for better air circulation and ventillation
  • 5-Zone Pocket Spring System for targeted support to the body's 5 key areas
  • Cool and comfortable sleeping experience
  • Minimal partner disturbance
  • 10 Year Guarantee

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