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Comfort Sleep Emporio Alto Pillow Top Pocket Spring Firm Mattress

Comfort Sleep Emporio Alto Pillow Top Pocket Spring Firm Mattress

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The Comfort Sleep Emporio Alto line presents a fine range of mattresses that uses the best and latest in style and mattress innovations for a truly luxurious sleeping experience. The Comfort Sleep Emporio Alto line comes in three mattress feels: Soft, Medium and Firm to suit any sleeping preference. 

Comfort Sleep Elegant LifeStyle Alto Pillow Top Firm Mattress  

First-Class Contouring Comfort

The Comfort Sleep Emporio Alto Firm Mattress features a thick pillow-top with gel-infused memory foam comfort layers that moulds perfectly to your body to relieve built-up pressure for an extremely comfortable sleep. 24mm of Hyper-Firm foam with wool Dacron blend quilting layers offers a firm touch and extra comfort.

Gel infused Memory Foam Elegant LifeStyle Alto Pillow Top Mattress 

Temperature Regulation

Gel-infused memory foam provides extra comfort contouring with your body shape and a bonus of a cooler sleeping experience as the gel infusion ensures higher breathability so the mattress stays cool. Adding to the gel-infused memory foam is Alto’s Breeze-X 3DMTM Air flow temperate regulation system that manages and adjusts to your temperature as you sleep, giving you a personalized and enjoyable sleeping experience.

3D Breathable Ventilation Fabric 

Gel Infused Memory Foam

The Alto Gel Infused Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattress with Breeze-X 3DMTM increase air circulation and ventilation throughout the mattress in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and other nasty allergens for a healthy sleep zone.

Purotex probiotic fabric used in Comfort Sleep Elegant Lifestyle Alto Mattress 

The  Emporio Alto Adaptive Freesia Knit Quiltec fabric technology works similar to your own skin. When excess moisture hits the surface, it dynamically responds by kicking into evaporation mode, creating a cooling effect. The Adaptive Fabric responds dynamically to temperature changes and keeps your sleep environment cool and dry, all night, every night.

3 zones Pocket Elegant Lifestyle Alto Mattress 

3-zone Dual Pocket Spring System For Double Support

The Alto range uses a 3-zone dual pocket spring system. there is a 3 zone pocket spring encapsulated by the second layer of pocket spring to provide extra optimum lateral support by evenly distributing your body weight and delivers extra support by targeting five key areas of your body. 

The Alto firm’s 3 zoned Dual pocket spring system and 50mm Max-Flo High-density foam layers provide quality support for the heavyweight body and the pillow top will molds itself to your body as you sleep and provides you with optimal alignment. The dual pocket spring system, where one pocket spring sits inside another pocket spring, offers two layers of pocket springs to provide double with the support and the ultimate minimal partner disturbance.

Box Wall Construction Elegant LifeStyle Alto Mattress 

Quality Box Wall Construction

The Alto uses the Edge Boost TM box edge system that provides a superior edge surround casing. This allows you to sleep to the edge of the mattress without worrying about sinking down and pushing the springs out of the sides of the mattress. 


Thermo Sleep Technology

This luxury mattress features Comfort Sleep’s exclusive Thermo Sleep Technology which combines two technologies – Quiltec and Coolex foam – for a cool and comfortable sleeping experience every night. 

QUILTEC Foam is a GECA certified, hypoallergenic material that replicates the benefit of wool as it adapts to your body’s temperature, dissipates moisture, and promotes breathability and air circulation for a dry and comfortable sleep.

COOLEX Foam is a high-density foam that features a channel cut design to promote constant airflow circulation.

Combining these two materials ensure mattress breathability and moisture dissipation thus creating a clean and healthy sleeping zone, free from mold, fungi, and other nasty allergens.  

Thermo Sleep Technology

Health Guard Certificates - Comfort Sleep Bedding Mattress 

HealthGuard certified

Comfort Sleep mattresses are HealthGuard certified. This gives you the ultimate protection as HealthGuard inhibits the growth of dust mites, molds and bacteria.

Good Environmental Choice Mattress Australia

Environmental Choice Australia Approved

Comfort Sleep uses a type of foam that is certified with the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label. This tells you that your Comfort Sleep mattress uses materials that comply with the strictest environmental standards, making Comfort Sleep products safer for you and better for the environment.  

adjustable base compatible mattress

The Comfort Sleep Emporio Alto Firm Mattress is Suitable for Adjustable Beds 

This Mattress is specifically designed to be used with adjustable bases, giving you a level of individual flexibility to adjust your height and position each night for the most comfortable rest.  The Comfort Sleep Emporio Alto Firm Mattress can be also used on slat or platform Bed bases. 

Joyce Foam Products Certificates Comfort Sleep Mattress 

Only the best locally-sourced foams

The foams in Comfort Sleep Mattresses are sourced locally from Joyce Foam Products – an Australian company certified by Good Environmental Choice of Australia. This means that your Comfort Sleep uses high-quality foam that’s safe and green.

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It’s exciting to decide on investing in a brand-new mattress. Whether you’re upgrading your old mattress or filling a spare bedroom to house guests, it’s important to know how to keep your mattress in tip-top condition so you can enjoy its comfort for years to come.
A common tip to keeping your mattress in pristine condition is to purchase a mattress protector. While it may seem like an unnecessary spend, a good quality (and removable) mattress protector can help prevent any mattress stains and can be easily washed.
Another great way to care for your mattress is to ensure your mattress is placed on a base that allows it to breathe so that you know there is circulation happening to keep your mattress as fresh as possible.
Rotating your bed every so often can also help with uneven wear. Flipping and rotating your mattress can ensure the springs are being evenly used on top, bottom and either side, and can assist with prolonging the lifespan of your mattress.
You can also vacuum your mattress or further clean it to ensure any dust and extra debris is being removed from sinking deep into your mattress. Doing so will ensure your sleep environment is clean and free from any allergens.
Caring for your mattress is easy when you follow these tips! Taking the time to look after your new mattress can ensure it lasts as long as possible.