Felix Memory Foam Mattress

Felix Memory Foam Mattress

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Felix Mattress combines innovative technologies and premium materials to create a customised, perfectly comfortable sleeping experience.

Designed with you in mind, the Felix adapts to your needs by providing natural posture support and pressure relief while keeping you cool, and comfortable every night.

Felix Mattress Unique Perfect Feel

One-size fits all

The Felix provides you with the perfect mattress feel thanks to its generous layer of gel-infused natural latex and memory foam. Regardless of your weight or sleeping position, the Felix is super responsive -- making your sleep truly happy and comfortable.  

Zero Partner Disturbance Tested On Felix Mattress

Zero Partner Disturbance

The Felix features a unique memory foam layer created with a zero-disturbance technology. This layer gently contours to your body and allows you to sleep comfortably by absorbing bed movements and motions. Sleep like a baby with Felix! 

Felix is Eco Friendly Mattress

Eco Friendly

Felix is a healthy choice free from any harmful and hazardous substances. VOC free, highly durable and biodegradable.

Felix Mattress is compressed in a box

Bed in a box

Your new Felix bed comes in a conveniently sized box and will be delivered directly to your home, absolutely free!

Gone are the days of struggling to carry and squeeze heavy oversized mattresses to your room.  Its compact packaging ensures happy, hassle-free unboxing straight to your bedroom. 

Fast Unboxing Mattress In A Box

Lightning speed setup

Get to enjoy your Felix immediately out of the box. Setting up the Felix only takes 10 SECONDS from the unboxing to the decompression.

What’s more, you get the perfect thickness and firmness, even after unboxing!

Felix Mattress Specifications

Mattress Specifications


1st Layer – 60 ml pinhole gel-infused visco sheet foam

2nd Layer – 15 ml pinhole latex sheet foam

First two layers provide lateral support, pressure relief and relaxing comfort while you sleep

3rd Layer – 75 ml thick soft pinhole sheet foam

4th Layer – 100 ml extra thick firm sheet foam

Last two layers create the perfect balance between soft and firm


Border, panel fabric as well as the foam surrounding the mattress wall have pinholes for extra breathability. These pinholes promote air-circulation, ventilation and moisture dissipation for cool sleep.


The Felix is designed to be suitable for every surface – on the floor, a slatted base or in a box ensemble.

Finely crafted with resilient materials, it can support
anyone from 20-300 kgs comfortably and perfectly. 

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Felix Memory Foam Mattress

Felix Memory Foam Mattress

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