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Discover the A.H. Beard Domino mattress difference

It’s the little details that set the Domino Mattress apart. From its Climalux Comfort layers to the Summit Support System, you’ll find this mattress creates better, deeper sleep habits to last. Individually wrapped pocket springs help you settle into sleep while cushioning your movements to avoid partner disturbance. Opt for a luxury feather-soft mattress, or choose a firm mattress for extra support — the choice is yours. All Domino mattresses are Australian made and come with a 10-year warranty — so you can rest easy knowing the investment in your sleep is a sound one. 

The Domino mattress, trusted by Australian athletes

No matter how you work up a sweat during the day, quality sleep time is essential to recuperate and heal. With the Domino mattress from A.H. Beard, you’ll enjoy targeted pressure relief on strains and stress points, helping you relax and supporting physical recovery. 

Whether you have pain from an injury, a strain caused by desk work, or are just exhausted at the end of a long day; a Domino mattress can help you sink into supportive sleep and wake up feeling brand new. That’s why it’s an official mattress partner of the Australian Institute of Sport, trusted by Australian athletes and a crucial part of supporting active, healthy lifestyles. 

Shop our Australian Domino mattress for a better night’s sleep 

Many things stop us from getting the good quality hours of sleep we need to function at our best. As well as supporting the body during sleep for a more refreshing slumber, our Australian Domino mattresses are a certified Sensitive Choice. They are recognised by the National Asthma Council for their extraordinary capacity to provide long term protection from dust mites, mould, bacteria and other allergens. Proudly Australian owned and made, the Domino mattress is a quality investment to last you for years to come. 

Bedworks — a range of options to suit sleepers of all ages and stages

Whether it’s a replacement mattress for yourself, a purchase for a growing child or a high-quality sleeping solution for a spare bedroom, Bedworks have you covered. Browse the range of A.H. Beard Domino mattresses designed for unparalleled comfort, with clever details like adjustable electric bases. Or, shop for a mattress according to your needs, filtering our best choices for couples, kids, students, commercial use and more.  

When you need a mattress that will last the distance, look no further than Bedworks. Discover the full range of supporting sleep today, and start enjoying a better night’s shut eye. Not sure which mattress is right for you, or wondering about our shipping and delivery options? Get in touch to learn more about our range of options, from the Domino by A.H Beard mattress to our range of stylish bed frames.