Custom Made Upholstered Beds

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Custom Made Upholstered Beds There’s a certain kind of regal elegance and sophistication in upholstered beds. With a classy upholstered bed, a touch of luxury and style is instantly added to your bedroom -- thus turning your simple room into a gorgeous master suite. We offer you a wide range of gorgeous custom upholstered bed frames. As custom made experts, we bring to you the best custom upholstered beds in Sydney. Choose from a handpicked selection of beautiful custom leather beds, stylish fabric beds to even premium velvet bed frames. Whether you want a tufted bed, a padded panel bedframe or a simple, minimalist upholstered bed, we’ve got you covered! Our Custom Upholstered Beds are meticulously made by hand by local artisans. 100% Australian Made, our custom upholstered bed frames are made using the best locally-sourced materials. Each part of our custom upholstered beds is carefully handcrafted to the highest standards so you get the best handmade upholstered bed that...