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Custom Made Timber Bed Frames in Sydney

Discover the perfect choice for your bedroom upgrade — timber bed bases! Embrace lasting durability and timeless charm with these exceptional foundations. Unlike their upholstered and metal alternatives, wooden bed bases shine as the ultimate selection, offering a warm, understated design aesthetic that complements any decor. 

Elevate your space effortlessly with various designs and customisable finishes, from midcentury modern to contemporary styles, catering to ever-evolving furniture preferences.

A testament to durability

Quality stands the test of time, and our timber bed bases epitomise this principle. Crafted from high-quality Australian pine or Tasmanian oak, our wooden bed bases are proudly Australian-made. Say goodbye to worries about warping or bending — your bed base will stand strong, maintaining its structural integrity for years and years to come. The durable nature of wood means that even minor imperfections add character, lending a touch of antique allure to your base.

Easy care, timeless beauty

While timber bed bases require a bit of TLC, the rewards are unmatched. Regular cleaning and dusting can keep your wooden bed base looking pristine, guarding against scratches and dents.

Shop our timber bed bases at Bedworks today

If you wish to anchor yourself in a cosy haven, our timber bed bases provide a stable foundation to lay down roots. Shop our selection of bed bases today for an effortless bedroom makeover. 

Strong and Durable Timber Bed Base

We create a fine range of strong and durable timber bed base for your bedroom. Our strong bed base feature smart, stylish and space saving designs, thus making it perfect for any small space. Made from the either Australian Pine or Tasmanian oak, our handmade timber bed bases are long-lasting, thus ensuring that you and your mattress are well supported for every night of the year. 

Fine Craftsmanship Standards

Our custom made timber bed base are proudly 100% Australian made, using the best craftsmanship techniques in the industry. Marvel at the way each element of timber bed base are crafted, joined and lacquered to create a beautiful timber bed base for your bedroom. What's more, our timber bed base uses a system of thick timber slats with a central support slat (for queen size and above), thus making our timber bed base suitable for all mattress type. 

Custom Made Timber Bed Base

We let you take control of the way your timber bed base and customise its size, dimension and timber type/colour. This way, you create the perfect timber bed base that suits your style and needs. 

Please contact our customer service for Australia-Wide shipping. 


What types of timber bed bases do you offer?

At Bedworks, we offer a range of timber bed bases, including custom finishes, slatted options, storage solutions, and low-profile or floating designs to suit your preferences and needs.

How do I choose the right size of timber bed base?

Choosing the right size is easy. Measure your mattress dimensions, ensuring a snug fit while leaving a bit of room for movement. Our team can guide you through the process for a perfect match.

What type of wood is used in your timber bed bases?

At Bedworks, we craft our timber bed bases using two local types of wood: Australian pine and Tasmanian oak timber. These woods not only lend a touch of natural beauty to your bedroom but also ensure that your bed base is strong and reliable for years to come. 

What mattress do you suggest is suitable for a timber bed base?

Our timber bed bases work wonderfully with a wide range of mattresses. From memory foam to hybrid, the choice is yours. Opt for a mattress that suits your comfort preferences and sleep needs.

Are there any special care instructions for maintaining the timber bed base?

To keep your timber bed base in prime condition, dust regularly with a soft cloth in the direction of the grain. Protect it from direct sunlight, extreme humidity and spills. For detailed guidance, refer to our care instructions on our product pages.