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Ashford Custom Upholstered Bed with Choice of Storage Base

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Leeds Custom Upholstered Bed with Choice Of Storage Base

Custom Made Upholstered Beds

There’s a certain kind of regal elegance and sophistication in upholstered beds. With a classy upholstered bed, a touch of luxury and style is instantly added to your bedroom -- thus turning your simple room into a gorgeous master suite.

At BedWorks, we offer you a wide range of gorgeous custom upholstered bed frames. Choose from a handpicked selection of beautiful custom leather beds, stylish fabric beds and even premium velvet bed frames. Whether you want a tufted bed, a padded panel bedframe or a simple, minimalist upholstered bed, we’ve got you covered!

Bespoke upholstered beds in Sydney

Our custom upholstered beds are meticulously made by hand by local artisans. 100% Australian Made, these custom our custom beds are made using the best locally-sourced materials. Each part of our custom upholstered beds is carefully handcrafted to the highest standards so you get the best product that lasts.

What’s more, you get to choose from a wide array of luxurious upholstery options from one of Australia’s best fabric brands, such as: Warwick, Zepel, NSW Leather and the like.

Want more options? Visit our Sydney stores to view our full collection carry hundreds of upholstery options in different, fantastic colours so your custom-made upholstered bed matches your bedroom’s interior décor. 

The benefits of choosing a custom-made upholstered bed

Discover the advantages and unique appeal of selecting a custom-made upholstered bed tailored to fit your personal style and comfort needs.

Unique and exclusive — Opting for a custom-made upholstered bed means having a piece that is unique to you. Unlike mass-produced beds, your custom bed will be exclusively designed to your specifications, making it a standout feature in your bedroom.

Tailored to fit — Custom-made upholstered beds are ideal for those who require specific dimensions to fit their space. Whether you have a uniquely shaped room or specific spatial requirements, a custom bed that every inch of space is optimally utilised.

Longevity and quality — Our commitment to using premium materials and expert craftsmanship means that your custom-made upholstered bed is stylish and built to last. Buying a custom bed is investing in quality that endures.

Transform your bedroom today with a custom-made upholstered bed

Ready to bring your dream bed to life? Visit our Sydney stores or contact us to start your journey towards owning a beautifully crafted, custom-made upholstered bed. Our team is excited to work with you to create a bed that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Create a one-of-a-kind bedroom with our beautiful cCustom-made uUpholstered bBeds today!


What customisation options are available for your custom-made upholstered beds and bed frames?

When it comes to our custom-made upholstered bed and bed frames, the options are extensive and varied:

Design and style — Choose from a range of styles, including contemporary, classic and modern designs. Whether you prefer a tufted headboard, a padded panel bedframe or a sleek minimalist look, the design choices are endless.

Material and finish — Select from various materials and a wide array of stylish fabrics, each offering a unique texture and appearance.

Size and dimensions — From standard sizes like single, double, queen and king to custom dimensions tailored to fit your specific space, we ensure your bed is a perfect fit.

Colour selection — A broad spectrum of colours is available, allowing you to match or contrast with your existing bedroom décor seamlessly.

Additional features — Incorporate additional features such as storage options, different leg styles or bespoke headboard shapes to customise your bed further.

How do I choose the right fabric for my upholstered bed?

Selecting the right fabric for your upholstered bed is a crucial decision that influences your bed's aesthetics and comfort. Consider the following:

Room aesthetics — The fabric should complement your bedroom's overall theme and colour palette. Whether you're looking for something bold, vibrant, subtle or soothing, the fabric colour and texture should align with your room's decor.

Durability and maintenance — Consider the fabric's durability, especially if the bed will be used frequently. Some fabrics are more resistant to wear and tear and easier to clean and maintain.

Comfort and feel — The texture of the fabric should be comfortable and pleasant to the touch, as it contributes significantly to the overall comfort of the bed.

Quality and sustainability — Opt for high-quality fabrics that are sustainably sourced, ensuring your bed is not only luxurious but also environmentally friendly.

Can I provide my own fabric for the upholstery?

Yes! At Bedworks, we understand that you may have a specific vision or a unique fabric in mind for your upholstered bed. If you wish to provide your own fabric for your custom-made upholstered bed, kindly take note of the following:

Fabric suitability — Before providing your fabric, it's essential to ensure it is suitable for upholstery and meets our quality standards.

Consultation and approval — Our team will need to assess your fabric to confirm its eligibility for the bed design and to ensure that it aligns with the construction requirements.

Fabric requirements — Based on the bed design and size, we will provide guidance on the amount of fabric required and any specific details regarding the fabric type or weave.

What are the available sizes for custom-made upholstered beds?

Our range of custom-made upholstered beds at Bedworks comes in various sizes to suit different needs and room dimensions.

Standard sizes — We offer all standard bed sizes, including single, double, queen and king.

Custom dimensions — We provide custom sizing for spaces requiring specific dimensions. Whether it's a uniquely shaped room or a particular size requirement, we can tailor the bed to your specifications.

Consultation on size — Our team is available to advise on the best size for your space and needs, ensuring your custom-made upholstered bed fits perfectly in your bedroom.

How long does it take to receive a custom-made upholstered bed?

Typically, producing a custom-made upholstered bed takes approximately four to six weeks. After completion, the bed will be delivered to your address. Delivery times can vary depending on your location and the specifics of the order.

Create a one-of-a-kind bedroom with our beautiful Custom Upholstered Beds today!