Commercial Range

These 100% Australian-made Sleep System mattresses sourced from Slumberzone are a trusted brand with exceptional comfort, quality and affordability, and are a premium solution when it comes to commercial furnishing. This range of commercial-grade mattresses are perfect for hotels, hostels or other spaces like rental properties or offices.   The Slumberzone mattresses start with a thickness of 32cm and the coils have at least 6.5 turns, ensuring problem areas like your neck and lower back are well supported throughout the night whilst also alleviating pressure from joints. The technology in the pocket coil spring system with the edge assistance ensures minimal disruption from partners as it absorbs movement, but also works to keep you secure and limit any uncomfortable sinking. This is also achieved by the super soft, premium foam and layers which are extremely comfortable whilst also being supportive.   This complete sleep system is made from luxurious and breathable...