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King Koil Mattress by A.H. Beard is one of the best mattress brands in Australia. This innovative mattress is proudly Australian made using advanced mattress technologies and the finest locally-sourced materials.

King Koil Mattresses are thoughtfully made with your health and comfort in mind. Designed in collaboration with chiropractors and endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association, King Koil Mattresses are packed with innovative chiropractic features that promote spinal comfort and support for a great night’s sleep. An intuitive support system is found in King Koil Mattresses which directly responds to your weight and shape. King Koil mattresses uses a system of individually pocketed coils engineered to provide you with greater contouring and superior intuitive support. Meanwhile, comfort is indeed king with King Koil mattresses as each mattress comprises of multiple comfort layers that uses ultra-breathable components that provide you with a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. Its AeroComfort technology allows you to enjoy premium comfort performance and superior pressure relief for a rejuvenating sleep night after night.

As it promotes air circulation and air ventilation, King Koil mattresses remain, cool and more importantly dry throughout the night, thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria and harmful allergens. That is why King Koil mattresses are approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice program. Mattresses from King Koil provide long-term protection from dust mites, mildew, bacteria and other allergens, thus providing you with a healthy, allergen-free sleeping zone. With King Koil mattresses, sleep worry free knowing your mattress is safe for you and the entire family.  What’s more, the King Koil mattress Evo-foams are certified by the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). This tells you that the foams used in your King Koil mattress are free from harmful toxins and are made with the environment in mind.

Superior quality comfort endorsed by Chiropractors. Clean and allergen-free. Handmade by highly-skilled Australians. King Koil mattresses are the best mattress for the entire family.  Browse through our wide range of King Koil mattresses that are specially priced to let you have the bed of your dreams without breaking the bank. Head on to our online mattress store or visit our two Sydney mattress showrooms and buy your King Koil mattress today!