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Whether you have a large primary suite, a tiny bedroom or even a studio apartment, the right dresser will make all the difference to the appearance of your space and your enjoyment of it. At BedWorks, we cater for all tastes, from traditional to contemporary, Scandi-inspired minimalism to Bohemian eclectic. Whatever your personal décor style, you are sure to find your perfect dresser on our site.


Why a good dresser is a worthy investment


Whatever type of home we live in, we all want our living and sleeping spaces to appear chic and stylish. While we want to impress our guests, a fashionable décor ultimately furthers our own enjoyment of the areas we live and sleep in. A timber dresser can instantly uplift a room, providing a touch of timeless elegance that 'fast' furniture simply cannot replicate. Any well-made custom dresser, like the ones we stock at BedWorks, is a piece of furniture that is ageless — bound to continue its journey with you even if you move house or interior fashions change.


What’s more, these days we are all thinking a lot more about the environment and our impact on the planet. When we are shopping for somewhere to store our clothes, we are far better minimising our carbon footprint by choosing a good-quality timber dresser instead of a cheap piece of plastic furniture, or a clothes rack that is not built to last.


As well as being eco-friendly, a well-crafted timber dresser is a highly useful and attractive piece of furniture that can serve more than one function in the home. For example, choosing a dresser with a mirror also provides you with an attractive place to get ready at the start of every day. The mirror can also help your home become a brighter place by bouncing light around the room, visually expanding the space.


How to choose the right dresser


When choosing your perfect dresser, there are a number of factors you need to take into account. The main ones are:


1. Measurements


Measure twice; buy once! It is essential to measure your space correctly to make sure your chosen dresser will fit. This is especially important if you live in an apartment or the dresser will have to be moved through doors, up or down stairs, or in a lift — you need to ensure the dresser can be transported successfully to where you need it, as well as fitting well into the space when it arrives.


2. Number of compartments


With such an extensive range of dressers on offer, take the time to think it through and choose a piece of furniture that caters to your present and future needs. What do you plan to store in the dresser? How many compartments do you need? Make a list of the items you need to compartmentalise, and then you can decide whether you need a classic 6-drawer dresser, something larger, or a customisable solution.


3. Colour


What colour of wood is your favourite? Whether you prefer light or dark timber, or you want to experiment with a painted option such as a black or white timber dresser, you are sure to find something in our collection to suit your tastes. Make sure your chosen option will coordinate well with the rest of your bedroom furniture, and don’t be too concerned with trends — most dressers are designed to stand the test of time.


Find your perfect dresser online today


Our collection of dressers has been carefully selected to appeal to a variety of needs and tastes. With a wide range of the top brands on offer, and Australia-wide delivery available, BedWorks makes it easier than ever before to find the perfect piece of furniture for your home. Shop our collection of custom dressers online today, or come and visit us in our Sydney stores. With us, nothing is stopping you from taking your bedroom to the next level!