Comfort Sleep Revive Collection Odyssey Medium Mattress

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  • Pocket Springs (Minimise Partner Disturbance)
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  • 10 Years
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Comfort Sleep Revive Collection Odyssey Medium Mattress

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Comfort Sleep Revive Collection Odyssey Mattress - Australian Owned Bedding Comany

Revive and Rejuvenate Your Rest

BEDWORKS is proud to present our Comfort Sleep Revive Collection mattress range which uses the best style and innovation for a comfortable night's rest.  New to our showroom, the Comfort Sleep Revive Collection Odyssey mattress is an Australian-made and owned product with the added bonus of a 10-year guarantee on the construction. Available in medium, firm and plush thicknesses, this mattress uses Contour Tech ™ 7 Zone pocket coil system plus 360 wall surround technology and is made from GECA-certified high-density comfort foam, with a quilting finish in Hypersoft foam and Quiltec knit fabric. Constructed with 3 multi-layers of foam and pocket springs using Gel Form X – a cool and breathable technology-constructed memory foam - helps provide cooler sleep and comfort during the night, with pressure support around the hips and ankles. The mattress uses the most modern micro pocket coil technology - a 7-zone 8 Turn European pocket coil system featuring targeted zoning for minimal partner disturbance and is finished in Hypersoft Foam + Quiltec premium knit with edge-to-edge support. 

Comfort Rules On Multi-Layer Mattress

Using progressive layers of technology-inspired foam and coil support, the Odyssey mattress provides layers of breathable fabric quality to encourage a cooler night's sleep and unrivalled cushioning for each sleeper. This mattress offers the perfect balance of comfort and support using the most modern technology and finishes in the market. 

Comfort Sleep Revive Collection Odyssey Mattress Layers Demo

Conforma Coil Three-Zone Support System

1st Comfort Layer -  constructed of GECA-certified high-density comfort foam in three paddings

2nd Comfort Layer - of 50mm Coolex breathable technology material

3rd Comfort Layer - Gel Form X open cell memory foam, with quilting finished in Hypersoft foam and Quiltec knit fabric

Cooler Night's Sleep

The unique three-layer foam construction encourages less toss-and-turn from sleepers and encourages individual airflow for a cooler night's rest. This mattress provides the perfect balance for targeted support and a restful night's sleep. 

Comfort Sleep Revive Collection Odyssey Mattress Breathable Layers Icon

Breathable Fabric Technology

Comfort Sleep provides the ultimate restful support on the Odyssey mattress by using a unique multi-layer foam construction technique to increase airflow and breathability and reduce discomfort and uneven support during the night. 

Comfort Sleep Revive Collection Odyssey Mattress 7 zones pocket coil icon

7-Zone 8 Turn Techno European Micro Pocket Coils

Featuring targeted zoning for support and individual temperature regulation plus a higher coil count than regular mattresses means your Odyssey mattress has the highest rest rating for advanced body contouring using leading European design.  

Three Sizes And Paddings

This mattress comes in double, queen or king sizes to suit ensembles and bed frames, with padding thicknesses in firm, medium and plush on offer.  Choose your particular size and thickness for a quality night's rest!


Minimised Partner Disturbance

Combining the effects of regulated temperature control and multi-layer support means the Odyssey mattress offers unrivalled access to minimal partner disturbance during the night for sleepers. You won't know anyone else is there.



Good Environmental Choice Mattress Australia

Environmental Choice Australia Approved

Comfort Sleep uses a type of latex breathable foam that is certified with the Good Environmental Choice Australia label. This confirms your mattress uses materials that comply with the strictest environmental standards, making Comfort Sleep products safer for you and better for the environment. 

And having produced quality mattresses in Australia for over 35 years, we offer a 10-year guarantee on the Revive Collection Odyssey mattress for your peace of mind.


Australian made Luxury Mattress

Made in Australia

This mattress is 100% Australian made, giving you a finely crafted mattress that is made using the best Australian-sourced materials and to high industry standards. Call our sales team today to see if yours is in stock


adjustable base compatible mattress

Compatible for adjustable base

This mattress is specifically designed to be used with adjustable bases, giving you a level of individual flexibility to adjust your height and position each night for the most comfortable rest.


'Invest in Luxurious Sleep at Bedworks'


Data sheet

Made in
GECA Approved
Anti Bacterial Qualities
Dust Mite Resistant
Minimise Partner Disturbance
Pocket Springs (Minimise Partner Disturbance)
Eco Friendly
10 Years
Good Back Support
Customisation Available
Edge to Edge Support
Level Comfort
Soft Feel
Mattress Thickness
Product Type
Comfort Sleep

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