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Queen Mattresses


After a long day, it’s nice to just drop everything and sprawl in your bed. But sometimes, we can’t really stretch out because our bed is far too small. If you have enough space and budget, reward yourself for all the hard work that you’ve done and upgrade your mattress to a queen bed mattress!


When you buy a queen bed mattress online, don’t forget to consider some important factors that can affect your mattress shopping. First, consider the size and entry way of your room. Do you actually have enough space to fit your queen bed mattress in your bedroom? Will your doorways allow you and your mates to bring in the queen size mattress? If you have a smaller room but still wanting a queen bed mattress, consider getting a queen mattress base instead of the traditional queen size bed frame to save on space. A queen bed mattress is ideal for taller people or for those on the heavy side. With a queen mattress dimension of 203cm X 153 cm, you’ll get enough extra space to sleep comfortably. Instead of choosing a king single mattress or a double bed mattress, get the extra width that a queen bed mattress offers so you get all the space that you need to have a comfy, unencumbered sleep every night of the year. The queen mattress dimensions give you and your partner the right amount of sleep surface to sleep comfortably. Though cuddling at night can be enjoyable, sleeping in a constricted space is not. With a queen bed, you get extra legroom and width so you and your loved one can cuddle (if you want!) or sleep comfortably at each side. You don’t need to worry about kicking your partner or fight over space because you have enough width to really enjoy your sleep. With a queen mattress, you get extra space to really relax, especially after a stressful day. Why confine yourself to your old double mattress or king single mattress when you deserve the queen bed mattress!


If you already have a queen mattress base, why not change your old queen bed mattress for a newer one? BEDWORKS have a fine range of queen bed mattress to choose from. We have cheap queen bed mattress for those on a budget. We also have plush and luxurious queen bed mattress with all the bells and whistles so you get to really have an enjoyable sleeping experience. We have queen bed pocket spring mattress, queen size latex mattress or even queen size memory foam mattress that gives you proper support and pressure relief. Whatever budget or type, we have the right kind of queen bed mattress that you’ll ever need. Check out our fine range of the best queen size bed online!

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