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Pillow Top Mattresses

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Pillow top mattress A step between traditional box spring mattresses and full memory foam mattresses, pillow top mattresses provide a perfect combination of comforts. Pillow top mattresses take a standard mattress and add a further 8 centimetres of comfort. Consisting of a medium-density foam layer, this added “pillow-top” makes for the ultimate in comfort. Greater Support Similar to full memory foam beds, pillow top mattresses are better for your body. The added layer of foam allows your body support where it is needed and flexibility everywhere else. This design allows your spine to stay properly aligned and reduces unnecessary weight on pressure points. Pillow top mattresses are especially good options for those who sleep on their sides. In this position, a significant amount of pressure is put on the shoulder and hips. With a pillow top mattress, your bed will reduce the weight placed on these pressure points and spread it more evenly. No more waking up to...