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Gel mattresses

Gel mattresses have boomed in popularity in recent years. Sharing many of the features of memory foam, gel mattresses are widely admired for their comfort and ability to alleviate pressure while you sleep. Enhancing your support during the night while also enhancing air circulation to provide cool, soft comfort, you’ll be able to drift off into Slumberland peacefully.

These mattresses can be an ideal choice for people who experience stiffness or discomfort during the night or have stress-related pain issues. Lying on one can spread the pressure on the body more evenly, helping alleviate some of these issues. It’s an ideal option for back pain in particular, helping reduce strain on the spine. When you combine it with an adjustable frame, you can also have a far easier time getting in and out of bed.

But the benefits of gel mattresses are available to everyone. They can even be a great way to reduce motion transmission from one partner to the other — so if one partner is moving around at night, it doesn’t have to wake both of you up.  

Bedworks — the best place in Sydney for gel mattresses

Thinking about making the shift to a gel mattress? The team at Bedworks will be more than happy to help. Across our range of gel mattresses from manufacturers like Sealy, Comfort Sleep, Slumberzone, Magnifex and more, you’ll be sure to find the mattress that’s perfect for your nighttime needs. Get in touch with the team at Bedworks, or swing by one of our two Sydney stores. The team will be thrilled to help you learn more about gel mattresses — and if you think you might be after something else, that’s fine too. We’ve got a huge range of mattresses for you to choose from, both online and in-store.