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Comfort Sleep is a family-owned, Australian company that has been creating one of the finest 100% Australian-made mattresses in the market. Comfort Sleep assures you of a safe, healthy and comfortable sleeping experience. All Comfort Sleep mattresses uses HealthGuard in its foam which gives you protection by inhibiting the growth of dust mites, moulds and bacteria. Comfort Sleep is also awarded with the Good Environmental Choice Label, assuring you that the mattresses have no toxic or carcinogenic substances that can affect your health. Comfort Sleep’s handcrafted mattresses have been continuously providing innovations that has helped redefine the way Australians sleep.

This family-owned, Australian company has been at the forefront of creating one of the finest mattresses on the market. Comfort Sleep's 100% Australian-made mattresses assure you a safe, healthy and comfortable sleeping experience.

Comfort Sleep mattresses are perfect for even the most sensitive sleeper. By using pioneering HealthGuard in the Comfort Sleep mattress foam, it provides its users protection from microbial growth. The HealthGuard technology targets the source and growth of the common problems of dust mites, bacteria and moulds, which are often found in ordinary mattresses, giving you peace of mind when you sleep.

The foam is sourced locally from Joyce Foam Products. It is used in all Comfort Sleep mattresses and is designed to provide the best night's sleep and complies with the strictest environmental standards. All of Comfort Sleep's products come with the Good Environmental Choice Label, demonstrating the company's commitment to only using the most sustainable, non-toxic or non-carcinogenic materials to protect your health as you sleep.

With impressive innovations in enhanced breathability, Minimised Partner Disturbance and edge-to-edge support, Comfort Sleep has established its reputation for impressive creative features and high quality design. Even better, expect an incredible 10-year warranty on these mattresses.

Comfort Sleep mattresses cater to all sizes, from Single to Super King and everything in between. So come in store or buy online and get your Comfort Sleep mattress today.