Low Bed & Platform Beds

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Stylish Space-Saving Support On A Platform Bed There’s no getting around it – tastes vary widely and this holds true when it comes to furnishings, including beds. Some of us enjoy ornate and complex designs, while others prefer understated self-contained units. For those who belong to the latter camp, the challenge is finding a bed frame which fits that bill without being boring and unappealing. One solution to this conundrum is the platform bed. The majority of platform beds consist of a uniform, solid lower section that raises the mattress off the ground, and then supports the mattress with wooden slats designed to flex ever so slightly – lengthening the life of your mattress while providing excellent support. This design offers a stately and well-put-together look. Most platform bed buyers choose a design made of high-quality timber such as oak or pine, stained in the finish of their choice. This allows for matching the platform bed to other furnishings in the room,...