Sofa Bed Size

A Variety of Sofa Bed Size

Our stylish sofa beds come in a variety of sizes to help you choose the right sofa bed for your space. We offer sofa beds that can conveniently transform into a single bed, a king single bed, a double bed or even as large as a queen size bed. Once our sofa beds turn into a bed, you get a comfortable sleeping surface that’s sure to give you or your guest a good night’s sleep.  What's great about our sofa beds is that they are both stylish and compact -- meaning your get a stylish, modern contemporary sofa beds that are compact and space saving, but can transform into a large and comfortable sleeping surface. With our sofa beds, get to save on space without sacrificing the comfort of having a proper-sized bed. 

Our sofa beds easily transform into comfortable beds in a matter of seconds. With its innovative mechanism, easily transform the sofa bed into a bed in as little as three swift movements. Compact and easy to use, our sofa beds are a great addition to any room so you can do more with your space. Our sofa beds are a great choice for a studio apartment, your home office/study  or for your spare room.