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Save On Our Wide Range Of Mattresses And Bases With A Combo Deal! 

At Bedworks, our mattress and base combo deals mean you get to experience the best ranges at an affordable price! Simply buy the mattress in your chosen size and get a SleepEezee Ensemble Bed Base included in the price. With a wide variety of mattresses to choose from, don’t delay a good night’s rest! Decide on your new bedroom décor today!  

All Our Mattress + Base Deals Receive Five-star Customer Reviews!  

Experience Pocket Spring Comfort

Our Comfort Plus mattress combines the best qualities of a memory foam and pocket spring mattress. With a divine mix of pocket springs and memory foam, this medium plush mattress is made to deliver you a restful and rejuvenating night's sleep. The memory foam provides even support for your body by distributing your weight across the surface of the mattress, ensuring you are comfortable all night long. Pocket springs work independently from each other, reducing disturbance, so you and your partner can sleep equally in comfort. 

Find Your Ultimate Foam Zone

Prefer a heavy-duty spring mattress but with a lighter stitched foam option? The Comfort Zone Memory Foam Pillow Top mattress might be perfect for you. This mattress provides optimum comfort whilst proving durable and high-quality support at a reasonable price. Available in single, king single, double and queen sizes, the mattress’ traditional Bonnell spring construction is combined with layers of quality memory foam and standard foam. The mattress is finished with superior edge-to-edge cushioning and rolled stitching and the spring construction is encased by quilted polyester fibre, so you are fully supported throughout the night. This memory foam pillow mattress is suitable for either slat or base beds and comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Unwind on A Deluxe Mattress

The OP Deluxe Pillow Top mattress is a pillow top spring mattress designed for a peaceful slumber. Made with Bonnell spring construction in conjunction with a high-density foam as the pillow, it's the ultimate option for your base or ensemble bed. This mattress balances your body, keeps it well supported and allows for a comfortable night’s rest by releasing built-up tension in muscles and joints. Covered by quality polyester fabric, the OP Deluxe feels soft and looks stylish in any room. Available in all standard size and equipped with a 2-year warranty, this is a mattress you’ll want to invest in!

Perfect Sleep is Simply Sublime

The Sublime Perfection Pocket Spring mattress is the perfect option if you’re wanting comfortable, long-lasting support. This medium-strength mattress brings together the benefits of both memory foam and pocket springs for a relaxing sleeping experience like no other. The gel-infused memory foam is ultra-breathable, ensuring you’re kept cool by keeping your body temperature low. Available only in a queen size, this mattress comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty and is eligible for next-day delivery in Sydney metro and CBD areas.

Chill Out City Style

Our economy bed range - including the City Medium Soft Pocket Spring Mattress - is designed to give you the best sleeping experience by combining plush comfort with excellent lateral support. This economical mattress has multiple layers, a quilted pillow top and a comfort foam layer to provide you with customised support. The pillow top comprises of support foam layers with thick pocket springs which helps relieve tension as it contours to your back, hips and shoulders. These layers are separated by isolated cotton pad layers which promote air circulation and ventilation, making the material breathable and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. The pocket springs work independently and reduce partner disturbance as they absorb movement in each isolated area. The City range also comes with a 2-year warranty and is available in the standard range of sizes to suit every sleeper. 

Feel Relaxed on The Felix

Using innovative technologies and premium materials to create a customised and comfortable experience, the Felix Memory Foam mattress is designed so you feel like you’re sleeping on clouds. This mattress uniquely adapts to your body by providing natural posture support and pressure relief with multiple support layers.  It is convenient to set up and arrives as a 'bed in a box', so you can get a good night’s rest without the hassle. Available in a range of sizes, the Felix Memory Foam Mattress comes with a 10-yr warranty and is available for next-day delivery. 

Call our sales team today to see if your preferred mattress + base combo is in stock and ready for delivery! 

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