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Tracey Custom Drawer Bed Base

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Tracey Custom Drawer Bed Base

Now available for Next-Day Delivery* in limited sizes & fabrics. Click here to learn more or call 1800 941 041

Now available for Next-Day Delivery* in limited sizes & fabrics. Click here to learn more or call 1800 941 041

$799 -$100



Select Size
Legs Type
Fabric Brands
NSW Leather Millennium
Millennium Indigo
[Add $727]
Millennium Iris
[Add $727]
Millennium Mud Cake
[Add $727]
Millennium Nero
[Add $727]
Millennium  White
[Add $727]
Zepel Standard 2019
Convoy Angora
Convoy Beluga
Convoy Charcoal
Convoy Sesame
Convoy Snow
Warwick Standard Fabric
Warwick Bendigo Azure
Warwick Bendigo Cream
Warwick Bendigo Indigo
Warwick Bendigo Snow
Warwick Bendigo Storm
Warwick Velvet Premium
Warwick Glamour Angel
[Add $164]
Warwick Glamour Deep Sea
[Add $164]
Warwick Glamour Ebony
[Add $164]
Warwick Glamour Ivory
[Add $164]
Warwick Glamour Shale
[Add $164]
Zepel Premium
Opus Velvet Ecru
[Add $164]
Opus  Velvet Gull
[Add $164]
Opus Velvet Linen
[Add $164]
Opus Velvet Shale
[Add $164]
Zepel Woolly Dove
[Add $164]
100% Linen 2019
Warwick Haven Natural
[Add $364]
Warwick Haven BlueStone
[Add $364]
Warwick Haven Elephant
[Add $364]
Warwick Haven Flax
[Add $364]
Warwick Haven Indigo
[Add $364]
Not sure about the size? View Dimensions
  • Color
  • Millennium Indigo Millennium Indigo
  • Color
  • Warwick Bendigo Azure Warwick Bendigo Azure
  • Color
  • Warwick Glamour Ivory Warwick Glamour Ivory
  • Color
  • Warwick Haven Natural Warwick Haven Natural
  • Color
  • Convoy Angora Convoy Angora
  • Color
  • Opus Velvet Ecru Opus Velvet Ecru
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Superior Comfort and Quality

Great Price Guarantee

Next Day Delivery

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This product is available for Next Day Delivery or free in-store pickup
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Custom made Upholstery Product

It's Your Top Choice for Storage

The Tracey Custom Drawer Bed Base is one of our top-selling ensembles - a classic, upholstered storage bed with drawers on either side of the base - that can be customised to suit your preferences and sizes. Offered in 20 great upholstery materials - including leather-look - from Warwick and Zepel, there's plenty of storage available in the under-bed drawers. Available in the full range of standard sizes, this ensemble is a trusted choice for any modern bedroom decor. You can choose from three different leg colours in 7cm high wood or use 3cm castors, which is especially handy on larger frames for ease of movement. The Tracey rises 30cms from the floor and comes with a 5-yr warranty on base construction. Why not contact our sales team today for a quote - 1800 940 596.

NotesThe Single and King Single are only available as 1 piece with 2 drawers. The Double, Queen and King are only available as 2 pieces with 4 drawers to make access into your bedroom easier.

Quality Customised Craftsmanship 

The Tracey’s quality well-built drawers give you fast and easy access to storage space so you can maintain a clean and clutter-free bedroom. Mounted on full extension runners, the drawers are extremely easy to pull out and push in. The bottoms of the drawers are glued and screwed and use 18mm-thick bottom drawer supports for extra strength. The frame itself is made with solid slats measuring 9.5cms, so your mattress will be well supported for years to come.   


Size/SectionWidth (W) Length (L)
Single 1 Piece 2 Drawers92cmx188cm
King Single 1 Piece 2 Drawers107cmx203cm
Double 2 Piece 4 Drawers137cmx188cm
Queen 2 Piece 4 Drawers153cmx203cm
King 2 Piece 4 Drawers183cmx203cm
Super King 2 Piece 4 Drawers           203cm          x      203cm          

Drawer - internal dimensions

Width (W) Depth (D) Height (H)

Tracey 4 Drawers Ensemble Bed Base - Australian Made

Enjoy these Benefits

  • Base is made with solid pine slats with a flat and firm surface
  • Distance between each slat is 7-8cm (maximum)
  • Base is designed to hold heavy, solid mattress
  • Each bed slat is 7cm x 1.9 cm in thickness
5 years guarantee

Buy Bedworks quality custom-made product, backed by our worry-free 5 years guarantee.

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Caring for upholstery can require a little extra work, however, when done it can give you years of benefit and enjoyment. The easiest way to take care of fabric upholstery is to vacuum it. Typically, vacuums will have an attachment (or you can purchase them separately) which are designed to remove any dust or debris that sinks into the material. For leather, simply wipe down with warm, soapy water to ensure the surfaces are kept clean.  
If there is a spill on your upholstery furniture, it’s important to act immediately and clean it up as soon as it occurs. This will help prevent the liquid or spill from seeping into the furniture and potentially causing extra damage. Cleaning immediately ensures any wet stain can be lifted and removed easier than if it has had time to settle and dry.  
To prevent any unwanted damage or stains, ensure to protect your upholstery with a protectant spray. These are usually sold when you purchase your furniture however they can be easily bought and used on various pieces.
If you’re unsure on how to clean your upholstery, you can always call a professional to help! They have the specialised skills needed to work with different materials and can ensure your furniture is returned to its former glory.

Base Dimensions

Select the base type to see dimensions
Width (W)Length (L)
King Single107203
Super King203203