Paris II Custom Upholstered Bed with Recessed Ensemble Base

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Paris II Custom Upholstered Bed with Recessed Ensemble Base




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Fabric Brands
Warwick Standard Fabric
Beachcomber ASH
Beachcomber Driftwood
Beachcomber Graphite
Beachcomber Mist
Beachcomber Sable
Beachcomber Taupe
Beachcomber Alabaster
Beachcomber Fudge
Beachcomber Nougat
Beachcomber Oat Meal
Beachcomber Scarlet
Beachcomber Pacific
Beachcomber Amethyst
Keylargo Amethyst
Keylargo Aqua
Keylargo Bordeaux
Keylargo Ebony
Keylargo Oatmeal
Keylargo Red
Keylargo Silver
Zepel House Fabric
Riata Autumn
Riata Birch
Riata Chestnut
Riata Coconut
Riata Dove
Riata Ebony
Riata Ecru
Riata Flint
Riata Hibiscus
Riata Horizon
Riata Indigo
Riata Kiwi
Riata Laurel
Riata Lily
Riata Malachite
Riata Papyrus
Riata Rattan
Riata Shell
Riata Slate
Riata Taupe
Zepel Premium Fabric
Bronco II Aluminium
Bronco II Beige
Bronco II Onyx
Bronco II Otter
Bronco II Pansy
Bronco II Paprika
Bronco II Pear
Bronco II Raffia
Bronco II Raspberry
Bronco II Sand
Bronco II Shark
Bronco II Shell
Bronco II Spa
Bronco II Strawberry
Bronco II Stucco
Bronco II Surf
Bronco II Teal
Bronco II Truffle
Bronco II Ultramarine
Bronco II Zinc
NSW Premium Leather
Millennium Alaska
Millennium Almond
Millennium Basil
Millennium Bliss
Millennium Brandy Tone
Millennium Burnt Sienna
Millennium Cobalt
Millennium Fern
Millennium Forest
Millennium Harvard
Millennium Indigo
Millennium Iris
Millennium Marine
Millennium Mud Cake
Millennium Nero
Millennium Pumice
Millennium Raisin
Millennium Shiraz
Millennium Stone
Millennium Taupe
Millennium Trinity
Millennium Tuscany
Millennium Verde
Millennium Vino Tone
Millennium  White
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  • Beachcomber ASH Beachcomber ASH
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  • Millennium Alaska Millennium Alaska
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  • Riata Autumn Riata Autumn
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  • Bronco II Aluminium Bronco II Aluminium

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Modern Sophistication

The Paris II Custom Upholstered bed with Recessed Ensemble Base has a modern sophisticated vibe that works well to any bedroom. This premium custom-made bed frame features a modern headboard with pincushion details and double stitching. Meanwhile, its sit-flush ensemble base is recessed - meaning its legs are moved inwards to create a floating effect while. The recessed style base is also "toe-friendly" as the inward position of the legs prevents you from stubbing your toe on the bed frame's legs.  An interior designer favourite, this stunning bed frame is sure to upgrade your room's style vibe that's sure to match your impeccable style. 

Hand Made in Australia

This bed frame is handmade by local Australian craftsmen for top quality and durability that you can bank on. Made using the finest locally-sourced materials with the best upholstery brands in Australia, this handcrafted bed is made to last for many years to come.


External Dimension Width (W)   Length (L)
Single 92 cm x 205 cm
King Single 107 cm x 220 cm
Double 137 cm x 205 cm
Queen 153 cm x 220 cm
King 183 cm x 220 cm
Super King 203 cm x 220 cm

Head Board  from the ground to the top 120 cm
Clear space 15 cm

Paris II Custom Upholstered Bed with Recessed Ensemble Base - Drawings

Enjoy these benefits

  • Modern contemporary style
  • stylish headboard
  • recessed ensemble base
  • handmade in Australia
  • customisable 

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