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Sorrento Custom Bed Head With Choice Of Base

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Sorrento Custom Bed Head With Choice Of Base




Select Size
Base Style
Fabric Brands
Zepel Standard 2019
Convoy Charcoal
Convoy Cloud
Convoy Denim
Convoy Slate
Convoy Snow
Warwick Standard Fabric
Warwick Bendigo Linen
Warwick Bendigo Pewter
Warwick Bendigo Smoke
Warwick Bendigo Snow
Warwick Bendigo Storm
Warwick Velvet Premium
Warwick Glamour Angel
[Add $255]
Warwick Glamour Deep Sea
[Add $255]
Warwick Glamour Ebony
[Add $255]
Warwick Glamour Ivory
[Add $255]
Warwick Glamour Shale
[Add $255]
Zepel Premium
Opus Velvet Ecru
[Add $255]
Opus  Velvet Gull
[Add $255]
Opus Velvet Linen
[Add $255]
Opus Velvet Shale
[Add $255]
Zepel Woolly Dove
[Add $255]
100% Linen 2019
Warwick Haven Ash
[Add $418]
Warwick Haven  Celadon
[Add $418]
Warwick Haven Cement
[Add $418]
Warwick Haven Dark Gray
[Add $418]
Warwick Haven Natural
[Add $418]
Not sure about the size? View Dimensions
  • Color
  • Warwick Bendigo Linen Warwick Bendigo Linen
  • Color
  • Warwick Glamour Ivory Warwick Glamour Ivory
  • Color
  • Warwick Haven Ash Warwick Haven Ash
  • Color
  • Convoy Charcoal Convoy Charcoal
  • Color
  • Opus Velvet Ecru Opus Velvet Ecru

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Superior Comfort and Quality

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Ample Storage Space

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Design bedframe Using Bedmaker

Custom made Upholstery Product

Count On Curvy Appeal of Sorrento

Need some curves to brighten up your bedroom? Look no further than the Sorrento Custom Bed Head With Choice Of Base, finished in a unique mini-wing upholstered style for maximum impact and available to match with your choice of base (model shown is our queen size bed head with recessed base). The Sorrento is a finely crafted 130cm-high fabric bed head  – you have the choice of Warwick or Zepel upholstery fabric finishes and the padded frame is designed with a diamond button-pin finish and vertical stitching pattern at top and bottom. The Sorrento bed head comes in all the standard sizes - including a super king size - for maximum visual impact in your bedroom (see measurements below). This bed head comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty – call our sales team today to see if yours is available to order now - 1800 940 596.

Don't Compromise, Customise

Custom made to your specifications, rest easy knowing the Sorrento is designed to serve you for many years. Match your bed head to our range of custom upholstered bases - choose from storage, slimline, deluxe, ensemble or gas-lift designs - all offered wtih 5-year warranty (gas lift mechanism has a 12-month warranty). We can customise your bed head and base to suit your exact requirements.  

Product notes: Super king and king size bases are a split option on the Slimline, Ensemble, Recessed and Drawer models, contact our friendly staff for more details.

'Your Best Bed Head Is At BedWorks'

Dimensions - bed head

External Width (W)Thickness (T)Height (H)
 Single 103cm21cm130cm
 King Single113cm21cm130cm
Mini-wing depth: 21cm
Sorrento Custom Upholstered Bed Head dimension drawingSorrento Custom Upholstered Bed Head dimension drawing
Made in Australia

This is an Australian-made product.

5 Years guarantee

Buy Bedworks quality custom-made product, backed by our worry-free 5 years guarantee.


Custom Made Bed Frames Dimensions

Caring for upholstery can require a little extra work, however, when done it can give you years of benefit and enjoyment. The easiest way to take care of fabric upholstery is to vacuum it. Typically, vacuums will have an attachment (or you can purchase them separately) which are designed to remove any dust or debris that sinks into the material. For leather, simply wipe down with warm, soapy water to ensure the surfaces are kept clean.  
If there is a spill on your upholstery furniture, it’s important to act immediately and clean it up as soon as it occurs. This will help prevent the liquid or spill from seeping into the furniture and potentially causing extra damage. Cleaning immediately ensures any wet stain can be lifted and removed easier than if it has had time to settle and dry.  
To prevent any unwanted damage or stains, ensure to protect your upholstery with a protectant spray. These are usually sold when you purchase your furniture however they can be easily bought and used on various pieces.
If you’re unsure on how to clean your upholstery, you can always call a professional to help! They have the specialised skills needed to work with different materials and can ensure your furniture is returned to its former glory.