Magniflex Orthomassage

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Magniflex Orthomassage

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Innovative Comfort

The Orthomassage delivers the latest in product innovations to give you a pillow that is high on comfort and support. Boasting Memoform Magnifoam which shapes itself to the pressure and the weight of the neck and head, it gives greater support and gives greater muscular relaxation.  The unique design of the Orthomassage offers the feeling of revitalisation over the entire cervical area and on the face. 

A Healthy Sleep

The design of the Orthomassage allows the air to circulate between one space and the other meaning there is an absence of humidity and a quality removable cover makes it healthy and hygienic.

Enjoy these Benefits

  • Covered in Coolmax transpiring fabric, it reduces perspiration and avoids an annoying stiff neck
  • Airyform gives greater circulation of air
  • The Pyramid workmanship leads to a constant massage which regenerates the microcirculation of the neck and of the head

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