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Bedworks Fabric Sample

Choose the best upholstered bed that matches your style! Order fabric samples when you shop for an upholstered bed online with BEDWORKS so you can examine the colour and texture of the fabric that you will get when you buy one of our stylish upholstered beds.

We will send to you up to 5 fabric samples for FREE of your choice to help you choose the best fabric for your upholstered bed. We carry a wide range of stunning fabric options from the best upholstery brands in Australia. Whether you're looking for leather, linen, velvet or patterned upholstery, we got what you're looking for!

Can't wait? Visit us in our two Sydney Showrooms (Stanmore-Parramatta Rd. or in Greenacre) to see our full range of upholstery. Can't decide? Get in touch with us at 1800940596 and our friendly team of design experts are ready to help you choose the best fabric option for your bedframe.

Pick up to FIVE Fabric Samples
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Opus Velvet Zinc Opus Velvet Zinc
Cleo Mist Cleo Mist
Opus Velvet Shale Opus Velvet Shale
Opus Velvet Liquorice Opus Velvet Liquorice
Glamour Storm Glamour Storm
Opus Velvet Nautical Opus Velvet Nautical
Cleo Ink Cleo Ink
Cleo Mallard Cleo Mallard
Opus Velvet Gull Opus Velvet Gull
Cleo Gull Cleo Gull
Opus Velvet Dove Opus Velvet Dove
Glamour Deep Sea Glamour Deep Sea
Opus Velvet Snow Opus Velvet Snow
Cleo Granite Cleo Granite
Convoy Cloud Convoy Cloud
Convoy Eagle Convoy Eagle
Keylargo Anthracite Keylargo Anthracite
Keylargo Pumice Keylargo Pumice
Convoy Sesame Convoy Sesame
Keylargo Frost Keylargo Frost
Vegas Ivory Vegas Ivory
Convoy Charcoal Convoy Charcoal
Vegas Steel Vegas Steel
Convoy Petrol Convoy Petrol
Keylargo Linen Keylargo Linen
Vegas Dune Vegas Dune
Convoy Beluga Convoy Beluga
Vegas Slate Vegas Slate
Convoy Oyster Convoy Oyster
Keylargo Lead Keylargo Lead
Convoy Spruce Convoy Spruce
Convoy Angora Convoy Angora
Vegas Shell Vegas Shell
Convoy Otter Convoy Otter
Keylargo Graphite Keylargo Graphite
Vegas Smoke Vegas Smoke
Convoy Zinc Convoy Zinc
Keylargo Zinc Keylargo Zinc
Vegas Navy Vegas Navy
Convoy Mist Convoy Mist
Keylargo Almond Keylargo Almond
Vegas Nero Vegas Nero
Convoy Snow Convoy Snow
Keylargo Navy Keylargo Navy
Vegas Mink Vegas Mink
Convoy Denim Convoy Denim
Convoy Lavender Convoy Lavender
Keylargo Ebony Keylargo Ebony
Vegas Asphalt Vegas Asphalt
Convoy Shark Convoy Shark
Keylargo Pebble Keylargo Pebble
Vegas Linen Vegas Linen
Millennium Iris Millennium Iris
Millennium Stone Millennium Stone
Millennium Shiraz Millennium Shiraz
Millennium Chocolate Millennium Chocolate
Millennium Almond Millennium Almond
Millennium Nutmeg Millennium Nutmeg
Millennium Indigo Millennium Indigo
Millennium Pumice Millennium Pumice
Millennium Rojo Millennium Rojo
Millennium Chalk Millennium Chalk
Millennium Lemon Millennium Lemon
Millennium Gunbarrel Millennium Gunbarrel
Millennium Mud Cake Millennium Mud Cake
Millennium Raisin Millennium Raisin
Millennium Vino Tone Millennium Vino Tone
Millennium Forest Millennium Forest
Millennium Harvard Millennium Harvard
Millennium Nero Millennium Nero
Millennium Verde Millennium Verde
Millennium Fern Millennium Fern
Burnt Sienna Burnt Sienna
Millennium Marine Millennium Marine
Millennium White Millennium White
Millennium Tuscany Millennium Tuscany
Millennium Deuce Millennium Deuce
Brandy Tone Brandy Tone
Millennium Lapis Millennium Lapis
Millennium Taupe Millennium Taupe
Millennium Trinity Millennium Trinity
Millennium Cobalt Millennium Cobalt
Millennium Basil Millennium Basil
Millennium Bliss Millennium Bliss
Haven Cocoa Haven Cocoa
Haven Cement Haven Cement
Haven Oyster Haven Oyster
Haven Blue Stone Haven Blue Stone
Rudiment Linen Rudiment Linen
Haven Natural Haven Natural
Haven Black Haven Black
Haven Indigo Haven Indigo
Haven Ash Haven Ash
Haven Chino Haven Chino
Haven Aubergine Haven Aubergine
Haven Flax Haven Flax
Proem Flax Proem Flax
Haven Dark Gray Haven Dark Gray
Haven Asphalt Haven Asphalt
Haven Elephant Haven Elephant
Essential Light Snow Essential Light Snow
Haven Celadon Haven Celadon
Haven Aegean Blue Haven Aegean Blue
Haven Corsilk Haven Corsilk
Essential Light Natural Essential Light Natural
Haven ShellPink Haven ShellPink
Obsession Storm Obsession Storm
Panache Shale Panache Shale
Finesse Nickel Finesse Nickel
Obsession Powder Blue Obsession Powder Blue
Panache Moonbeam Panache Moonbeam
Finesse Cameo Finesse Cameo
Obsession Natural Obsession Natural
Panache Marble Panache Marble
Finesse Flint Finesse Flint
Obsession Ashwood Obsession Ashwood
Panache Delft Panache Delft
Finesse Slate Finesse Slate
Panache Arctic Panache Arctic
Finesse Pewter Finesse Pewter
Obsession Warm Haze Obsession Warm Haze
Finesse Pebble Finesse Pebble