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Reverie Dream Supreme Pillow Top Sleep System Mattress

Reverie Dream Supreme Pillow Top Sleep System Mattress

RRP $3,999



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Reverie 9T™ Base
Reverie 7S™ Base
Reverie 3E Base

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Reverie wins Women's Choice 2017! 9 out of 10 American Women recommends Reverie as the best sleep system and adjustable foundation

Premium Design For Perfect Sleep

The Reverie Dream Supreme Mattress is a finely crafted mattress that is configured to help you sleep better. Its smart and innovative design makes this mattress adaptable and responsive in order to provide you with the best sleeping experience. It uses DreamCells™ in its core components, a patented technology that allows you to customise the firmness level of your mattress. This can be adapted to each side of the mattress so by combining the DreamCells in certain configurations, you get the exact firmness you need for a great night's rest.  Available in four standard sizes and coming with a 10-year warranty, the Reverie Mattress makes a great investment in quality slumber. It's also a Women's Choice Award Winner for a quality sleep experience!

Reverie uses the Patented DreamCells™ Technology to configure a customised firm feel just for you

The Reverie Dream Supreme Sleep Mattress - 'Invest In Your Best Sleep'

Reverie uses the Patented DreamCells™ Technology to configure a customised firm feel just for you

Customise Your Mattress Firmness

With the Reverie Dream Supreme, you can easily re-configure to change the firmness fo your entire bed or have varying firmness at each side! Simply unzip the cover and reconfigure the DreamCell™ support system to the firmness level you want using set configuration grids. You don’t need more DreamCells to change the firmness level—the ones that come with your mattress can be used to create any firmness configuration.

DreamCells™ are made from Natural Rubber

Made from Natural Rubber

DreamCells is made of natural rubber using a multi-step rising process. This extra durable material promotes air circulation and ventilation, thus making it cool and breathable. Additionally, natural rubber is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, inhibiting the growth of harmful allergens. 

Built For Comfort

The Reverie is built and designed for your sleeping comfort. It comes with various features that help you rest well every night. The natural latex contours to your body shape, so the mattress is made to give the best support for spine alignment allowing the muscles to relax while you are sleeping.  It's highly recommended for those who suffer chronic back pain. The Reverie is engineered designed to relieve pressure points using pressure mapping technology so that you don't toss and turn during the night. It should assist those who are active during the day to rest and recover performance overnight. 

Reverie Dream Supreme Mattress is Built for Comfort and Quality that you can trust

DreamCells™ are made from Natural Rubber

Multiple Comfort Layers

This mattress comes equipped with multiple comfort layers for a luxurious, well-supported sleeping experience. The first comfort layer uses hypersoft foam for a soft sleeping surface. After this comes a generous layer of high-density medium firm foam to give you gentle firm support. Finally, a layer of cool gel memory foam is added to provide you with cool, pressure relieving comfort.

Smart design combined with excellent materials create a cool and comfortable sleeping area

Cool, Comfortable Sleep

Smart design combined with excellent materials creates a cool and comfortable sleeping area. The Reverie comfort layers feature a gel memory foam layer which helps regulate and dissipate body temperature while sleeping. It has an Intertek certification for durability, certified by OEKO-TEXT standard 100. 

Edge to Edge Support

This smart mattress uses EdgeBoost Foam Encasement so you get edge-to-edge support. This technology encases the mattress with an extra-thick foam edge so you get full mattress support even to its edges without worrying about slipping off the sides. There's very little partner disturbance on the Reverie!

Zero Partner Disturbance

This mattress uses materials that absorb and reduces motion so you get undisturbed sleep throughout the night. The gel memory foam layer absorbs motion while the individual DreamCells distribute movement to the individual cells for better motion absorption.

The Reverie Mattress is specially built to match the Reverie Adjustable Bases

Combined Base Options

Reverie Mattresses are specially built to combine and complement the different Reverie Adjustable Bases available to order, see sizes below.

NOTE: The mattress and bases are sold separately.

Reverie 3E Adjustable Base - Best Adjustable Base Foundation
Reverie 7S Wireless Adjustable Base - Best Adjustable Base Foundation
Reverie 9T Wireless Adjustable Base with Bluetooth - Best Adjustable Base Foundation


Reverie wins Women's Choice 2017! 9 out of 10 American Women recommends Reverie as the best sleep system and adjustable foundation

10 years guarantee

Buy it with confidence - Enjoy the benefits of
10-year manufacturer guarantee.

Reverie Adjustable Bed Bases Comparision

It’s exciting to decide on investing in a brand-new mattress. Whether you’re upgrading your old mattress or filling a spare bedroom to house guests, it’s important to know how to keep your mattress in tip-top condition so you can enjoy its comfort for years to come.
A common tip to keeping your mattress in pristine condition is to purchase a mattress protector. While it may seem like an unnecessary spend, a good quality (and removable) mattress protector can help prevent any mattress stains and can be easily washed.
Another great way to care for your mattress is to ensure your mattress is placed on a base that allows it to breathe so that you know there is circulation happening to keep your mattress as fresh as possible.
Rotating your bed every so often can also help with uneven wear. Flipping and rotating your mattress can ensure the springs are being evenly used on top, bottom and either side, and can assist with prolonging the lifespan of your mattress.
You can also vacuum your mattress or further clean it to ensure any dust and extra debris is being removed from sinking deep into your mattress. Doing so will ensure your sleep environment is clean and free from any allergens.
Caring for your mattress is easy when you follow these tips! Taking the time to look after your new mattress can ensure it lasts as long as possible.