Comfort Sleep Posture Indulgence Latex Medium Mattress

Comfort Sleep Posture Indulgence Latex Medium Mattress

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The Comfort Sleep Posture Indulgence line presents a fine range of mattresses that uses the best and latest in style and mattress innovations for a truly unique sleeping experience. The Posture Indulgence Latex Mattress comes in three mattress feels: Soft, Medium and Firm to suit any sleeping preference.

Comfort Sleep Posture Indulgence Mattress Comfort Layer

The Best materials for the Best Comfort

1st Comfort Layer

Natural Latex provides an airy, well-ventilated layer of comfort and support while naturally protecting you from harmful allergens.  

2nd Comfort Layer

High density medium foam for a well-supported sleeping experience

3rd Comfort Layer

An additional medium density foam for added cushioning and lateral support

A thick wool-blended quilted layer tops the entire mattress for a plush and comfortable sleeping experience. 

Gel infused Memory Foam Posture Indulgence

Cooler Sleeping Experience

The natural wool layer is blended with a synthetic compound to add strength, durability and provides you a cool sleeping experience as it distributes your body heat to give you supreme comfort. 

Luxury Ventilating Mattress

3D Fabric & Pinn Core Latex

3D fabric Gusset typically used in high quality sporting shoes is utilised to increase air circulation and ventilation and Pin Core latex increases overall breathability. 

Air Circulation Mattress - Luxury Mattress

Purotex Probiotic Fabric

This mattress uses Purotex probiotic fabric and 100% natural latex to create a healthy sleeping zone as it defends you against asthma and harmful allergens like mould and bacteria.

Purotex Certificate

Posture Indulgence 3 Zones Mattress

The Comfort Sleep Mattress range uses Contour Tech 3-zone pocket spring system to provide optimum lateral support by evenly distributing your body weight. This type of pocket spring delivers extra support by targeting three key areas of your body. Pocket springs in the centre-third zone of the mattress utilizes thicker coils to increase tension and provide extra central support.

Additionally, Contour Tech uses extra thick pocket springs around the age to give the mattress added support on all sides.

Contour-techTM Pocket Coil Mattress

Wall Box Luxury Mattress By Comfort Sleep

Box Foam Construction

This mattress features EDGEBOOST TM Foam Encasement for long-lasting durability.

This edge support system gives the mattress strength and support that allows you to use the entire area even to its edges without worrying about sinking down and pushing the springs out of the sides.

Minimised partner disturbance pocket spring mattress

Minimised partner disturbance for a good night’s sleep.

Comfort Sleep mattress is HealthGuard certified

Comfort Sleep mattress is HealthGuard certified. This gives you the ultimate protection as HealthGuard inhibits the growth of dust mites, moulds and bacteria. 

Good Environmental Choice Mattress Australia

Comfort Sleep uses a type of foam that is certified with the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label. This tells you that your Comfort Sleep mattress uses materials that complies with the strictest environmental standards, making Comfort Sleep products safer for you and better for the environment. 

Joyce Form Mattress - Comfort Sleep

The foams in Comfort Sleep Mattresses are sourced locally from Joyce Foam Products – an Australian company certified by Good Environmental Choice of Australia. This means that your Comfort Sleep uses high-quality foam that’s safe and green.  

Australian made Luxury Mattress

This mattress is 100% Australian Made. This gives you a finely crafted mattress that is made using the best Australian-sourced materials and highest industry standards.  

Comfort Sleep Posture Indulgence Latex Medium Mattress

Medium-feel for a plush yet well-supported sleeping experience.

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Best value for money mattress in Sydney

I could sit on it day in and day out without it dropping. The top layer is really nice, soft and juicy. I loved the wrapping feeling around my hips and lower back and the ever so gentle caress it gave my aching muscles. The pillow and mattress here is the perfect combination.

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    Made in Australia

    I purchased this pillow top mattress because I’m from Sydney and like that it was made in Australia. It was a good choice and I’m very happy with the mattress.

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    I may have the most comfortable new bed in Sydney! Thank you, BedWorks for selling me a great pillow top mattress at such a good value. I’ll be back in eight years when it’s time to replace this one!

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    Comfort Sleep Posture Indulgence Latex Medium Mattress

    Comfort Sleep Posture Indulgence Latex Medium Mattress

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