Memory Foam Mattresses

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Memory Foam Mattresses Memory Foam Mattresses are specially designed to provide you with the perfect night’s sleep. Using technology originally engineered for NASA in the 1960s, memory foam has transitioned from being a luxury item to a must-have solution for your sleep needs. Made from a visco-elastic foam, memory foam mattresses allow for a wide range of benefits. Motion Absorbant One benefit of memory foam mattresses that people find most appealing is their motion absorbent quality. Thanks to the foam-like nature of the material, movement is simply absorbed rather than perpetuated. Unlike spring-based mattresses, when movement occurs on one area of the mattress, it is not transferred to other parts of the mattress. This means that if your partner moves, you don’t have to feel it! Pressure Point Comfort No one likes to be uncomfortable. Discomfort can be one of the main causes of difficulty in sleeping. Memory foam mattresses help to alleviate pain. When a person...