• Medium Feel
  • Yes
  • Yes
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  • Memory Foam
  • Yes
  • 10 Years
  • Yes
  • Outlast® and Removable/washable
  • Thermo regulating / Embracing
  • 23cm

Magniflex Magnistretch 9 Sport Firm Mattress

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The Magniflex Magnistretch 9 Sport

Introducing a mattress designed to promote spinal stretching: Crafted with a unique checkered and stretching structure, this mattress offers specialized zone support and facilitates spine elongation. Not only does it excel at providing ventilation at its core, but it also features two layers, Elioform and Eliosoft, to deliver optimal support. Wrapped in a soft viscose cover, it offers a medium-firm comfort level for a restful night's sleep..


   A: Fabric in Magniflex Style - easy to remove and wash.

   B: The padding - The Eliosoft layer (5 cm) with the Stretch construction, gently 'stretches' the back towards the opposite sides of the mattress, providing a relaxing effect and a correct level of comfort. In addition, the "chequerboard" construction on the surface that comes into contact with the body ensures greater breathability and differentiated support divided into zones..

  C: Level of comfort - The 16 cm high Elioform layer ensures optimal and firm back support. 



Elioform A rigid foam characterized by its high-density microcellular structure. It offers firm support, elasticity, and excellent breathability. Due to its varied molecular composition, it is also available in a softer variant called Eliosoft, catering to diverse relaxation requirements.



Eliosoft A gentle foam featuring a high-density microcellular structure. It delivers soft and mild support, elasticity, and exceptional breathability. Thanks to its varied molecular composition, it is also offered in a sturdier variant known as Elioform, accommodating a wide range of relaxation preferences. The mattress is available in two different feels firm or soft feel. 

The main difference between firm and soft: The firm has Super Soft fiber, Magnicool, Memoform (memory), Elioform, and Eliosoft and Soft has Aquabreeze, Super Soft fiber, Magnicool, Memosoft, and Eliosoft. 

The rest of the features are quite similar for firm and soft: Cool, Thermoregulating, Cozy, Breathable, Heat dissipating, Massaging, Multi-zone, Removable and Washable, Medical Device certified.

 Why is Magniflex Memory Foam Mattress the Best Memory Foam Mattress in Sydney

Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Quality that is certified

Magniflex mattresses are made to the highest quality standards and are backed by numerous certifications.

Magniflex Italian Made Mattress

IMCI: Certificate of Quality, exclusively Made in Italy

The design, manufacturing, and supply are completely Italian Made

OEKO TEX Standard 100 - Magniflex Mattress

OEKO TEX Standard 100

Ensures the absence of substances that are toxic and harmful to people and the environment  

Toscana Cotton Experience 9 Magniflex Mattress

Global Organic Textile Standard

Issued by the Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification, it certifies that all fabrics used in our Toscana collection are made with 100% organic materials for the maximum protection of man and the environment

CFR1633, FIRA, TB603

CFR1633, FIRA, TB603

This is a federal fire retardant certification which guarantee that the mattress complies with consumer regulations regarding the fire retardant properties of the product

AJA-UKAS Magniflex Mattress


The manufacturing standards and management systems used by Magniflex comply with the directives of AJA and UKAS – internationally recongnised quality control bodies

ISO 2008 Certificate Magniflex Mattress

BS EN ISO 9001:2008

Magniflex complies with these standards that guarantee the quality of the company’s products and services


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Luxury Range
Anti Bacterial Qualities
Minimise Partner Disturbance
Memory Foam
Eco Friendly
10 Years
Good Back Support
Outlast® and Removable/washable
Thermo regulating / Embracing
Level Comfort
Medium Feel
Mattress Thickness
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