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Four Poster Bed Frames

Supported by vertical columns on four corners the four poster bed frame brings traditional sophistication into your bedroom. Combining quality craftsmanship, elegance, durability and the option for customisation makes a four poster bed frame a great bedroom addition. Browse our range below and opt for pick up or delivery.

Sleep like a king with our sophisticated 4 poster beds from Bedworks. Supported by the iconic vertical columns on each corner, our sturdy 4 poster bed frames combine contemporary design with traditional sophistication.

The option to customise your bed offers a great chance to have truly unique piece to match your bedroom. Personalise your bed with our extensive range of classy timber colours to suit any taste. Our designers will cater to your individual specifications to handcraft your bed frame in as little as 10 days.

Our 4 poster beds are Australian made and handcrafted, offering the highest quality finish. We pride ourselves on supplying beds with outstanding craftsmanship and detailing that bring an elegance to any bedroom.

We understand that our customers require robust products that can withstand the inevitable wear and tear that any bed will undergo. Bedworks aims to exceed our customers' expectations. We are so firm in our commitment to the quality of our products that we offer an extensive 2-year guarantee on all our 4 poster beds.

Once you have measured your room and decided on your specifications, make an order for your sleek 4 poster bed.