Artisan Custom Storage Bed - New Fabric Range

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Artisan Custom Storage Bed - New Fabric Range

$1,799 -$550



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Matrix Denim
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Amy Volcamicash
Coco Ash Brown
Coco Natural
Coca Silver
Coca Slate
Nana Beige
Nana Charcoal
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Design bedframe Using Bedmaker

Artisan Design For Your Boudoir

Looking for a smart and classic bed frame offering lots of storage options, all at an economical price? The Artisan Custom Storage Bed is a stylish option featuring a timeless curved headboard style that works well with any bedroom interior decor. Pairing the Artisan headboaord with an assortment of various matching storage base options, this upholstered suite lets you do more with your space as it offers additional storage for a clean and clutter-free room. It's available in a custom fabric selection from Warwick in 20 modern neutral hardwearing tones and comes with a 5 year warranty. 

Practical Storage Options 

Choose from a wide range of storage bases to go with your Artisan bed frame - there's a gas-lift storage base, 2-drawer bases, 4-drawer bases and even long-drawer storage bases so you get compartmental storage to organise your personal effects. The upholstery finish is offered in modern neutral tones to go with any decor. Additionally, the drawers and gas-lift mechanisms on our frames are best-in-class, making it easy for you to use our storage bed mechanisms and coming with peace of mind for long-lasting quality and use.

Don't Compromise, Customise

Not the size or colour you’re looking for? Make this bed truly your own and customise it to suit your needs. At Bedworks we can custom-make your bed frame in line with your individual requirements. Have a look at the dimensions list for various base options below and contact our sales team for a quote - 1800 940 596.

Dimensions - storage bases 

Artisan with Storage Base Dimensions

Headboard height from floor: 120 cm
Headboard thickness: 8 cm

Storage drawers: internal dimensions

Width (W)   Depth (D)   Height (H)
57cm x 57cm x 18cm

Artisan bed dimensional drawing

Custom Made Bed Frames Dimensions