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Artisan Custom Bedframe With Choice Of Storage Base

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Artisan Custom Bedframe With Choice Of Storage Base




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Custom made Upholstery Product

Artisan Design For Your Boudoir

Looking for a smart and classic bed frame offering lots of storage options, all at an economical price? The Artisan Custom Storage Bed is a stylish option featuring a timeless curved headboard style that works well with any bedroom interior decor. Pairing the Artisan headboard with an assortment of various matching storage base options, this upholstered suite lets you do more with your space as it offers additional storage for a clean and clutter-free room. It's available in a custom fabric selection from Warwick in 20 modern neutral hardwearing tones and comes with a 5-year warranty. 

Practical Storage Options 

Choose from a wide range of storage bases to go with your Artisan bed frame - there's a gas-lift storage base, 2-drawer bases, 4-drawer bases and even long-drawer storage bases so you get compartmental storage to organise your personal effects. The upholstery finish is offered in modern neutral tones to go with any decor. Additionally, the drawers and gas-lift mechanisms on our frames are best-in-class, making it easy for you to use our storage bed mechanisms and coming with peace of mind for long-lasting quality and use.

Tracey 4 drawer bed base - Bedworks


The Tracey Custom Drawer Bed Base is designed to maximise under-bed storage. For the Double, Queen, King, and Super King Base size options, the base will be split horizontally and have 2 drawers on either side of the base. If ordered as a Single or King Single size, the base is only available as a one-piece, and it will have 2 drawers positioned on either the right or left-hand side.  


Stacey 4 drawer bed base - Bedworks


The Stacey Custom Drawer Upholstered Bed Base offers a modern storage space solution. This option is available in Double, Queen, King and Super King base with two deep drawers positioned on both the right and left-hand side of the bed base. If ordered as a Single or King Single size, the base is only available as a one-piece with one drawer, positioned on either the right or left-hand side of the base.


Taylor 4 drawer bed base - Bedworks


The Taylor Custom Ensemble Bed Base with drawers can be fully customised to meet your storage needs. It is available in Double, Queen, King and Super King base sizes, all of which are split horizontally with one drawer on each side and two drawers at the foot end of the base. For the Single or King Single size option, the base is available as a one-piece only. It will have one drawer, positioned in either the right or left-hand side, along with one drawer at the foot of the base. 


Stacey 2 drawer bed base - Bedworks

Stacey 2 Drawers

The Stacey Custom 2 Drawer Upholstered Bed Base has one long and deep drawer on both sides of the bed base. It is a simple style that maximizes storage space and is available in Double, Queen, King and SuperKing sizes . If ordered as a Single or King Single, the base will only have one long drawer on either the right or left-hand side. 


Divian T4 3 Drawer bed base - Bedworks

Divan T4

The Divan T4 Bed Base provides a highly practical storage space solution with built-in drawers of varying sizes. It is available in Double, Queen, King and Super King sizes, all of which have the base split horizontally, with one drawer on each side of the bed base, along with one longer draw at the foot end of the base.


Gas lift bed base - Bedworks

Gas Lift

The Gas Lift base allows for a clutter-free environment with its hidden away under bed storage. This base is known to offer the largest capacity available storage with an ‘’easy to lift’’ functionality at the foot of the bed. 

Gas lift Dual bed base - Bedworks

Gas Lift Dual

The Gas lift duo base is designed to maximise functionality. Lifting straight above the bed, this base allows for easier accessibility to the under-bed storage. Structurally, the Gas Lift has 4 metal support bars running vertically. These slats are positioned 32cm apart, in order to provide extra support to the base. There are also central legs and a wooden platform to allow items to be easily stored off the ground. 


Internal storage dimensions:

  • All the bases with four Drawers have internal dimensions of  57 x 57 x 18 x cm
  • Stacey one long drawer internal dimension is 117 x 57 x 18cm
  • The Divan T4 the drawers on the side internal dimension is 57 x 57 x 18cm and the food end drawer dimension is 117 x 57 x 18.
  • All base with drawers does have solid pine slat 8 x 2 cm and the gap between the slats is 7-8cm is covered in dust-free fabric.

The Gas lift internal storage dimension is 25cm deep and with and length of standard mattress you select.   

The slats on the gas lift base are 5cm x 1cm with a 7-8cm space.  It has 4 metal support bars running vertically between slats to spread 32cm apart from each other in order to give extra support. Also, it does have central legs in the middle. Also, the base has a sturdy wooden platform inside of the base allowing your items to be stored off the ground.


Don't Compromise, Customise


Not the size or colour you’re looking for? Make this bed truly your own and customise it to suit your needs. At Bedworks we can custom-make your bed frame in line with your individual requirements. Have a look at the dimensions list for various base options below and contact our sales team for a quote 1800 940 596.

5 Years guarantee

Buy Bedworks quality custom-made product, backed by our worry-free 5 years guarantee.



Artisan Bed With Tracey Drawer Base
Bailey Bed With Stacey Drawer Base
Bono Bed with Tracey 4 Drawer Base
Elle bed frame
Megan bed with tracey drawer base
Cube Four Poster
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Vanessa Low Platform Bed
European FLoating Bed Base
Caring for upholstery can require a little extra work, however, when done it can give you years of benefit and enjoyment. The easiest way to take care of fabric upholstery is to vacuum it. Typically, vacuums will have an attachment (or you can purchase them separately) which are designed to remove any dust or debris that sinks into the material. For leather, simply wipe down with warm, soapy water to ensure the surfaces are kept clean.  
If there is a spill on your upholstery furniture, it’s important to act immediately and clean it up as soon as it occurs. This will help prevent the liquid or spill from seeping into the furniture and potentially causing extra damage. Cleaning immediately ensures any wet stain can be lifted and removed easier than if it has had time to settle and dry.  
To prevent any unwanted damage or stains, ensure to protect your upholstery with a protectant spray. These are usually sold when you purchase your furniture however they can be easily bought and used on various pieces.
If you’re unsure on how to clean your upholstery, you can always call a professional to help! They have the specialised skills needed to work with different materials and can ensure your furniture is returned to its former glory.

Base Dimensions

Select the base type to see dimensions
Width (W)Length (L)
King Single107214
Super King203214
Headboard Height130