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Storage Beds

Looking to create more space in your bedroom and remove some of the clutter? A bed with storage is an excellent way to streamline your sleeping space and ensure you can rest properly without being surrounded by mess.

The Bedworks online bed store carries a wide variety of storage beds, ranging from wooden storage beds, upholstered storage beds, timber drawer beds, upholstered beds with drawers, gas lift beds and so much more.

Browse our available beds today to find the ultimate bed with storage for your needs.

What are storage beds (beds with storage)?

Storage beds (or beds with storage) have built-in storage solutions. Some offer bookshelves and vertical storage; others come with drawers or under-the-mattress space. Bedworks offers two popular bed frames with storage: a gas lift bed frame (storage under the mattress) and a Tracey bed frame (storage in your bed frame).

Storage beds allow you to create an eye-catching display within your bedroom without sacrificing much-needed space. Each frame comes with its own unique storage solutions, including drawers, built-in bookcases or even a hidden compartment within the frame itself. Features such as gas lifts ensure anyone can use these beds without risk of injury.

Clear up your bedroom clutter with Bedworks

If you want to maximise your bedroom space without maxing out your closet, then getting a storage bed is a great way to go. You can easily refresh your bedroom’s interior and create a clean and clutter-free room with the perfect bed with storage.

Some of our most popular beds with storage include:

Gas lift beds: A bed with gas lift hydraulics can raise your mattress and provide extra storage.

Drawer beds: A bed with built-in drawers around the frame, perfect for clothing and other small accessories.

Bookcase beds: Perfect for the serial bedtime reader wanting additional nighttime novels storage.

Browse through our extensive range of the highest quality storage beds today, available in single, king single, double, queen, king or even custom sizes.

Why buy beds with storage from Bedworks?

Thousands of Australians shop for storage beds from Bedworks to enjoy both long-lasting function and outstanding design. Our beds with storage are carefully crafted to fit any bedroom’s unique look and style. We make it easy to clear away clutter while still maintaining your room’s aesthetic, ensuring comfort and conformity throughout your bedroom.

The stylish look of our smart storage beds can also be customised to meet your needs. Each of our beds features chic and attractive bed frame designs so you can create a bedroom that’s truly all yours. Whether you’re looking for a storage bed with a tufted headboard, stunning wood beds with drawers, timber beds built-in bookcases or even just a simple ensemble bed, we have you covered. 

Bedworks is also a firm believer in quality over quantity. Our classy storage beds are made from the finest fabrics and timbers to give you a comfy and long-lasting rest. Additionally, the drawers and gas-lift mechanisms of our beds are the best-in-class, making it easier for you to use our storage beds without risking damage or injury.

Ready to find the perfect bed with storage? Come speak to the team at Bedworks today! Visit us in-store at Greenacre or Stanmore, or get in touch with us online. We’ll be more than happy to help with your bedtime needs. 


What types of storage beds are available?

At Bedworks, we stock an extensive range of storage beds that span various styles and manufacturers. We currently offer a variety of wooden storage beds, upholstered storage beds, timber drawer beds, upholstered beds with drawers, and gas lift beds, among others. 

We also provide some of the most coveted mattress brands in Australia, including:

Comfort Sleep

AH Beard

King Koil



What type of storage bed is perfect for me?

At Bedworks, we want you to create a bedroom that works well for you. We offer made-to-order storage beds so you can customise the type of storage you want, including drawers, long-drawers or gas lift beds. We encourage you to mix and match your storage bed to our wide range of timber or upholstered bed frames.

Make your room clean, clutter-free and classy with our selection of beds with storage in Sydney. 

What sizes do beds with storage come in?

Our storage beds are available in single, king single, double, queen and king sizes. But if you’re not sure if we’ve got the right bed in stock for your specific needs, that’s no problem either! Here at Bedworks, we also create custom beds — which means we build personalised storage beds exactly the way you want them.

Plus, our team can work closely with you to create storage solutions that suit your preferred size and style. Extra drawers? Additional bookcases? Dividers in the storage space beneath the bed frames? It’s no problem with the experts at Bedworks.

What types of storage are available in beds with storage?

Bedworks offers three kinds of beds with storage: gas lift beds, drawer beds and beds with bookshelves. The variety you choose should be suited to your design preferences, room layout and overall storage needs.

Browse our full catalogue of storage beds today and contact Bedworks with any additional questions.