Custom Upholstered Storage Gas Lift Bed Base

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Custom Upholstered Storage Gas Lift Bed Base

$1,499 -$200



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Fabric Brands
Warwick Standard Fabric
Cargo Flax
Cargo Oatmeal
Cargo Bisque
Cargo Graphite
Cargo Mica
Cargo Mink
Cargo Navy
Cargo Ocean
Cargo Peacock
Cargo Raisin
Cargo Walnut
Cargo Wine
Global Soft Kangaroo
Global Soft Pearl
Global Soft Platinum
Global Soft Raven
Global Soft Sesame
Global Soft Surf
Global Soft Tomato
Global Soft Walnut
Premium Color
Husk Amalfi
Husk Atoll
Husk Cement
Husk Donkey
Husk Imperial
Husk Marble
Husk Olive
Husk Peat
Husk Rosso
Husk Voyage
Mystere Blush
Mystere Cosmic
Mystere Delf
Mystere Honey
Mystere Peacock
Lustrell Shellac Amethyst
Lustrell Shellac Mica
Lustrell Shellac Pearl
Lustrell Shellac Quartz
Lustrell Shellac Silver
Zepel House Fabric
Mega Cashew
Mega Flint
Riata Autumn
Riata Beeswax
Riata Birch
Riata Chestnut
Riata Coconut
Riata Ebony
Riata Ecru
Riata Glow
Riata Griffin
Riata Hibiscus
Riata Horizon
Riata Kiwi
Riata Lily
Riata Rattan
Riata Shell
Riata Sherry
Riata Spruce
Riata Tobacco
Zepel Premium Fabric
Bronco II Could
Bronco II Cream
Bronco II Cypress
Bronco II Dune
Bronco II Linen
Bronco II Monument
Bronco II Navy
Bronco II Nostalgia
Bronco II Oasis
Bronco II Otter
Bronco II Pansy
Bronco II Pear
Bronco II Raffia
Bronco II Sand
Bronco II Shark
Bronco II Strawberry
Bronco II Teal
Bronco II Truffle
Bronco II Ultramarine
Bronco II Zinc
NSW Premium Leather
Millennium Alaska
Millennium Almond
Millennium Basil
Millennium Bliss
Millennium Brandy Tone
Millennium Burnt Sienna
Millennium Cobalt
Millennium Fern
Millennium Forest
Millennium Harvard
Millennium Indigo
Millennium Iris
Millennium Marine
Millennium Mud Cake
Millennium Nero
Millennium Pumice
Millennium Raisin
Millennium Shiraz
Millennium Stone
Millennium Taupe
Millennium Trinity
Millennium Tuscany
Millennium Verde
Millennium Vino Tone
Millennium  White
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  • Cargo Flax Cargo Flax
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  • Millennium Alaska Millennium Alaska
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  • Mega Cashew Mega Cashew
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  • Bronco II Could Bronco II Could
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  • Husk Amalfi Husk Amalfi
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Superior Comfort and Quality

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Ample Storage Space

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Design bedframe Using Bedmaker

Maximise the Space in your Home

The Upholstered Storage Gas Lift Bed Base boasts a heavy-duty gas lift facility which gives you easy access to your concealed storage area. It moves any standard size mattress with ease and transforms the area underneath into a storage unit complete with ample storage space.

It is an self assemble Product

Practical and Stylish

Sleek upholstery around the base adds a touch of style and class to the practical features of the storage bed.

Made from the Finest Quality Materials

The Upholstered Storage Gas Lift Bed base boasts a robust frame that guarantees long-lasting support. Quality workmanship and materials ensure you get quality results every night of the year.


External Dimension Width (W)   Length (L)
Single 102 cm x 198 cm
King Single 117 cm x 214 cm
Double 147 cm x 198 cm
Queen 163 cm x 214 cm
King 193 cm x 214 cm

Custom Made Upholstered Storage Gas Lift Bed Base Dimensions

Enjoy these Benefits

  • Ample storage space
  • Stylish
  • Quality Upholstery
  • Quality Gas lift Technology

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