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When buying a bed, it is important to select the correct size. Our beds are built to last, so this is an investment you are making for several years to come. Before you make your purchase, consider a few factors to choose the perfect bed size for you.

The Right Size


There are a variety of different bed sizes and corresponding mattress sizes. While there is some variation internationally, for the most part Australian bed sizes correspond with those around the world. The smallest option is a Single. A standard Single size mattress will measure about 188 centimetres long by 92 centimetres wide. Slightly longer, the Long Single uses the same dimensions for width by adds length at 203 centimetres. There is also a King Single option which adds width as well. Be sure to specify your single mattress dimensions. Single mattresses are generally a great option for children, teens and young adults. They may also be sufficient for independent adults sleeping on their own. They have the advantage of requiring very little space while also offering several sizing options.

Larger Sizes


For larger options, you can move up to a Double. A double bed mattress size, measuring 188 centimetres by 137 centimetres, is great for adults, however it may be a little too short. Some prefer to move one size up to a Queen size mattress. Queens are excellent for couples and provide a comfortable amount of space. The Queen mattress dimensions run 203 centimetres by 153 centimetres. Finally, for the ultimate in space, you might choose a King size mattress. These beds measure a comfortable 203 centimetres by 183 centimetres.

Choosing the Right Mattress For You


The first step in deciding which mattress size is right for you is to determine how much available space you have. It is essential to have an accurate understanding of your room dimensions. Moreover, it isn’t sufficient to simply know how long each room wall is. You must additionally be aware of the placement of features such as windows, doors and closets. Ideally, you want your bed to not only fit inside your room, but also allow plenty of room for movement. Beds should not block door ways, so don’t forget to factor in space for swinging doors.

After you have determined how much available space you have, you must consider who will be using this bed. Generally speaking, children do not need more than a Single bed. However, if your child or teen promises to grow rapidly to a greater height, you might want to consider the other Single bed options, such as the Long Single or the King Single.

Young adults may prefer to have more space. Here, it becomes a question of personal preference and space. Someone who sleeps alone may only need a Double sized bed. However, someone who sleeps alone but tends to toss and turn may prefer the added space and comfort of a Queen size bed. Consider your space options and sleeping patterns and then choose the correct fit for you.

Couples will most likely prefer to use at least a Queen size bed. This bed size is more comfortably able to accommodate an added person. However, again, depending on your sleeping patterns, you may prefer a King size. If you or your partner prefers added space to sleep or if either partner has a larger than average frame, King size mattresses may be best. And if you have a family with wee ones who tend to creep in, you can’t beat the King size! Your final consideration is likely to be budget. However, thanks to our incredible assortment of beds and mattresses at a wide range of price points, your budget isn’t likely to hold you back from selecting the bed of your dreams.