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AH Beard Enrich Electric Adjustable Base

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A.H. Beard - Proudly Australian Owned

AH Beard Enrich Electric Adjustable Base 

Start your perfect day with the perfect night's sleep. AH Beard Enrich Electric Adjustable Base provides you the best support to relax and rejuvenate after a long day with this electric adjustable base which has the functionality of head-to-foot massage with three intensity, with the perk of the lumber support. The wireless remote controls with a flashlight and easy-to-use features allow you to adjust the articulation of the head and foot when watching TV, reading, surfing the web, or relaxing. The design includes a black frame with adjustable legs, and it's available in long single, king single, double queen, and king sizes. The king size is split, using two long-single frames, so you can individually adjust each side. It's a fully electronic bed with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Adjust Your Night's Sleep

With the Enrich electrical adjustable bed, you will get the best solution for your restless night's sleep with an easy-to-use adjustable electric bed, you have full control of your ergonomic position while sleeping. Find the right angle and adjust your bed's head or foot elevation to ease tension, reduce snoring, or simply for relaxation. Offering four pre-set slumber positions - Flat, Zero-G; TV, or Quiet Sleep - you can choose your comfort with just one button click. What's more, the king-size Enrich Electric Adjustable Base comes with a split base, allowing you to have individual settings for each side. An electric base is especially suitable for those recuperating at home, or to assist with lower back and leg pressure,  pain, and snoring. It's also compatible with your existing headboard or can be fitted with a headboard (extra cost). 

'Invest In A Great Night's Sleep at Bedworks'

Dimensions - bed frame
External Width Length
Long single 92cm 203cm  
King single 107cm 203cm
Double 138cm 188cm
Queen 153cm  203cm
Split King 185cm 203cm

Enjoy these Benefits
  • Head and foot articulation: Find your ideal sleep position by raising the head and/or foot of the bed to suit your comfort preferences

  • Lumbar Support: Support the natural curvature of the spinal core.

  • Wireless remote: get all the benefits with one click from a wireless remote.

  • Pre-set positions: Flat: returns your bed to the flat position when ready for sleep

  • Zero-G:  experience a feeling of weightlessness with the Zero-G pre-set position. It helps to reduce pressure on your lower back and assists with circulation by elevating your legs above your heart.

  • TV: rest, recuperate, read a book or watch TV in this pre-set sitting position.

  • Quiet Sleep:  may assist with snoring

  • USB Port: Easy access to the smart device charge port

  • Massage - Relieve aches and pains with soothing massage settings. Choose from the head, foot, or wave options, and a timing feature that can be set for 10, 20, or 30 minutes, delivering muscle relaxation.

  • Memory Button:  This allows you to store your two favorite positions.

  • Under Bed Lighting: Floor LED lighting and a flashlight allow you to see your surroundings without turning on a bright light

  • Adjustable leg: Legs heights 12.5cm, 20cm

  • Floor Protection: Cap fitted to 5" legs

  • Wall Saver: Allows your bed to stay in place near your bedside even when fully articulated, keeping your furniture in reach

  • Weight limit: Approx 400kg per base 

  • Base Foot-end: Clip lock and retainer bar, USB port

  • Color: Black color 

  • Headboard Compatibility:  Attach your favorite headboard


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